7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

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If you enjoy gardening outside, growing indoors should be considered a supplement to your yard rather than a substitute.

For some people without the luxury of any outside space, growing inside is a great way to compensate.

We examined here how to go about growing plants indoors fuss-free. This overview should be very useful in terms of how to get started with an indoor garden.

Today we will look at 7 smart options for low maintenance indoor plants.

7 Awesome Plants To Grow Indoors Fuss-Free

1) Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

This is the default option for most interior designers.

With weeping figs, you can enjoy copious green leaves on very delicate, hanging branches.

You can also find weeping figs in braided form. This occurs when they have been trained to grow together with one truly impressive trunk.

These plants are highly versatile. They can grow outdoors as long as there is no frost. They also respond extremely well when nurtured inside.

Why You Will Love This Plant

  • If you opt for the braided trunk variant, you can add a particularly arresting visual to your indoor garden


  • 3-15 feet tall when grown indoors

Growing Guide

  • Allow your weeping figs plenty of bright but indirect light. Make sure you let the soil dry out nicely between watering. 60-75 degrees F is the optimum temperature range for these plants. Make certain that there are no cold drafts

Things To Note

  • Shifting your weeping figs to a different location might cause the leaves to drop. Don’t panic. This is normal and they will soon grow back

2) Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla)

With enough light and proper levels of humidity, Norfolk Island Pine should present no problem even for beginners.

In their natural habitat, these trees can grow to a staggering 200 feet in height. Indoors they tend not to breach 10 feet.

Take note not to let the air dry out too much. This can bring about spider mites, a common household pest damaging to these plants.

Why You Will Love This Plant

  • The soft texture contrasts brilliantly with the impressive size of the Norfolk Island Pine. This is a great plant for the festive season


  • 10 feet tall, up to 5 feet wide

Growing Guide

  • Flood your plant with plenty of bright light for best results. Shoot for 60-75 degrees F. Give the soil time to dry before rewatering

Things To Note

  • Watch the amount of light your plant gets. The lower branches can become brown and even fall off if light levels are too low

3) Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum)

If you are looking for a plant with an abundance of foliage and minimal maintenance, a Chinese evergreen could be just what you’re looking for.

If you drop one of these into any low-light areas in your house, the differently shaded leaves in green, silver and gray will brighten things up a treat.

If you have any upright tree-like plants indoors, try using Chinese evergreen as attractive ground cover.

It works equally well standing alone as a statement plant.

Why You Will Love This Plant

  • Chinese evergreens are tough and durable. You will not need to spend much time caring for these plants. The leaves brighten up drab zones


  • Length and width of about 3 feet

Growing Guide

  • You’ll want lighting conditions to be anywhere from low to medium. Like most plants, keeping Chinese evergreens between 60 and 75 degrees F brings about best results. Keep these plants moist

Things To Note

  • The downside of this plant is that all parts are poisonous. Keep pets and kids away. Any contact with the plant can cause severe irritation

4) Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii')

Succulents are exceedingly tolerant of neglect. If you do not have the time to spare on intensive plant upkeep but want a nice indoor garden, grab yourself a snake plant.

You can get these in several variations from shorter bird’s-nest arrangements to the graceful tall form.

Overwatering is your only real enemy. This can lead to the root’s rotting.

Snake plants find bright light better but they will cope with dimmer conditions without adverse effects.

Why You Will Love This Plant

  • The sword-shape leaves make a prominent spectacle. Snake plants are as good as indestructible so if you lead a busy life, your new houseplant will not wither away if it’s left to its own devices


  • Length and width of about 4 feet

Growing Guide

  • Anything from low to bright light is fine with a snake plant. They do appreciate brightness, though. You have a bit more latitude with temperature. Anywhere from 60 to 85 degrees F works well. As with most houseplants, monitor the soil and allow it to dry out before watering again

Things To Note

  • Do not be heavy handed with the water or you might see the roots rot causing serious problems

5) Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica)

Classics are classic for a reason. You can’t go far wrong with a trusty rubber tree.

The name comes from the milky and sticky sap that seeps out when the plant is punctured.

Left to flourish naturally, these plants will grow into large trees. If you keep them indoors instead and prune back any longer stems, you will enjoy a multi-stemmed shrub.

You can sometimes see these marvelous plants developed into full-blown shade trees.

Why You Will Love This Plant

  • The oversized dark green leaves are shiny and catch the eye perfectly. As they age they will continue to grow. An elderly rubber tree is a wonderful statement plant


  • 8 feet tall, up to 5 feet wide

Growing Guide

  • You’re better to expose your rubber tree to medium or bright lighting conditions. Grow at 60-80 degrees F. Let surface of soil dry between watering cycles

Things To Note

  • Be careful of the white sap if you have sensitive skin

6) Dracaena (Dracaena marginata)

This houseplant is imposing by name and stature.

When young, dracaenas tend to be shrubby. As they mature, they become more upright.

With narrow leaves edged in red, the woody stems are offset attractively.

Ensure that your pets steer clear of dracaena as the plant is poisonous to animals.

Why You Will Love This Plant

  • Superb Christmas plant but great year-round, too


  • 10 feet tall, 2 feet wide

Growing Guide

  • Your dracaena will be thankful for medium light, bright if at all possible. 60-75 degrees is the suggested band of growing temperatures. Keep your eye on the soil and do not water until it’s dried out

Things To Note

  • Keep dogs away as they can be poisoned if they eat or even chew the leaves

7) Crown Of Thorns (Euphorbia milii)

Some plants look enticing even when not in bloom. The tiny thorns punctuating greenish-gray stems make the Crown Of Thorns stand out with or without flowers.

Red is the most popular flower but many new varieties from cream and yellow through to pink mean that you can choose what works best with your interior décor.

The flowers typically come out at Christmas time making Crown Of Thorns the perfect holiday houseplant.

Why You Will Love This Plant

  • Goes down well at Christmas. A plant that can survive almost any amount of neglect so tailor-made for those with busy lifestyles who do not want to compromise on their indoor garden


  • 16-26 inches tall

Growing Guide

  • With bright light and 60-75 degrees F, Crown Of Thorns will flower without incident. It really is a great choice for beginners as you can’t go far wrong

Things To Note

  • Get this in early ready for Christmas


We hope you have found at least one plant on this list to add to your indoor garden.

Growing plants inside need not be stressful. Any of these examples here require surprisingly little attention and will reward you with a warm and vibrant atmosphere bringing the outdoors in.

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