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7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

If you enjoy gardening outside, growing indoors should be considered a supplement to your yard rather than a substitute. For some people without the luxury of any outside space, growing inside is a great way to compensate. We examined here how to go about growing plants indoors fuss-free. This overview should be very useful in terms of […]

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Indoor Cactus Plants: An Introduction

If you are looking to grow some indoor cactus plants, you’ve come to the right place. Cacti thrive on conditions of neglect. This means that growing these exotic plants indoors is very simple… An occasional watering – perhaps twice a month – is about the extent of the maintenance they need. So… If you are extremely busy, cacti are […]

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How To Dry Parsley

Quick Navigation How To Dry Fresh ParsleyAir DryingSolar DryingDrying With a DehydratorMicrowave and Oven DryingHow Do You Store Fresh ParsleyConclusion Parsley, as our previous article outlined, is a special herb with many culinary and medical uses. Perhaps you are growing plenty and want to know how to dry parsley… We will look here at the principal […]

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How To Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

Many people today want to know how to grow an indoor herb garden. Quick Navigation How To Care For Herbs Indoors?Firstly, Know What Herbs To PlantSpaceLightWaterFertilizerWhat herbs can be grown indoors?BasilChivesOreganoParsleyRosemarySageThymeConclusion Growing indoor plants is a challenging task especially since plants need enough sunlight to make them grow. It is, though, much more fun to […]

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How To Grow Plants Indoors Easily Without Spending a Fortune

Quick Navigation 1. Starting Out1.1 Space1.2 Light2. Choosing The Grow Lights2.1 Incandescent2.2 Fluorescent2.3 High Intensity Discharge (HID)2.3 LED Grow Lights3. Prepare Other Equipment4. Choosing The Best Plants To Grow Indoors5. Other Factors5.1 Temperature5.2 Humidity5.3 Growing Medium5.4 Nutrients and Fertilizers5.5 Maintenance6. Conclusion Many people want to know how to grow plants indoors effectively and what plants can you grow indoors.After […]

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