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Spearmint vs Peppermint: All About Mint

Mint is an incredibly versatile herb bursting with flavor and smelling absolutely delectable. But there are different kinds. This is where the spearmint vs peppermint debate comes up. Whether you want to grow mint indoors or sprinkle it around your garden, mint is a cinch to cultivate pretty much year-round. Confusion often crops up between spearmint and […]

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How To Dry Parsley

Quick Navigation How To Dry Fresh ParsleyAir DryingSolar DryingDrying With a DehydratorMicrowave and Oven DryingHow Do You Store Fresh ParsleyConclusion Parsley, as our previous article outlined, is a special herb with many culinary and medical uses. Perhaps you are growing plenty and want to know how to dry parsley… We will look here at the principal […]

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How To Grow Parsley With Ease

Growing herbs, whether in your garden or indoors, is really remarkably simple. Today we will look at how to grow parsley with ease.Originally native to the Mediterranean region, parsley (Umbelliferae) is now cultivated in many varieties.We will first examine some background facts about this versatile herb then look at how to grow it fuss-free.How To […]

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How To Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

Many people today want to know how to grow an indoor herb garden. Quick Navigation How To Care For Herbs Indoors?Firstly, Know What Herbs To PlantSpaceLightWaterFertilizerWhat herbs can be grown indoors?BasilChivesOreganoParsleyRosemarySageThymeConclusion Growing indoor plants is a challenging task especially since plants need enough sunlight to make them grow. It is, though, much more fun to […]

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6 Of The Best With Basil: How To Use Basil In Cooking The Right Way

Quick Navigation 1) PestoIngredientsDirections2) Tomato, Basil And Fresh Mozzarella SaladIngredientsDirections3) Salmon With Basil SauceIngredientsDirections4) Chicken And Basil Stir-FryIngredientsDirections5) Grilled Tuna With Basil Butter And Tomato SauceIngredientsDirections6) Lemon Basil Shrimp With PastaIngredientsDirectionsTipConclusion When summer comes around, many people want to know how to use basil in cooking.With over 60 types of basil to choose from, it […]

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