Best Indoor Grow Tent Setup Made Easy

For the hobbyist grower who wants a few ounces a month, getting the best grow tent is a superb way to keep things simple.

One of these stealth tents will not make the nut for a large, commercial grow-op but if you want to ensure that you have a supply of medical marijuana on tap, investing in a tent is a great and almost failsafe way to grow at home.

Why Use A Grow Tent?

Why use a grow tent

Keep It Subtle

If you grow indoors, the last thing you want is a room overflowing with reeking plants.

Grow tents look very much like a closet or cabinet upon first glance. It’s certainly a lot more subtle to contain your grow within a tent than to have plants growing unfettered in your living space.

Tents Are Cheap

You really don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the best grow tent. If you wanted to replicate the reflective, airtight, lightproof and waterproof conditions of a tent in a separate space, you’d probably spend more cash for lesser results.

Easy To Set Up

Even if you are not too practical, setting up a grow tent is extremely simple. It’s no more hassle than assembling flat pack furniture.

You could have everything up and running over the course of the afternoon. You can then concentrate fully on your grow confident that you have the best equipment in place for optimum yields with minimum fuss.

Grow Tent Setup For Beginners

Things You Will Need

How To Set Up Your Grow Tent

1) Preparation

Once you have your grow room design in place, it’s time to set aside a dull afternoon and clear the space you have in mind ready for action.

Make sure that your growing environment is spotless and then you can erect your grow tent.

Do this where you want to grow… There’s nothing worse than assembling a tent only to find that it won’t fit through the door!

Grow tents are not too challenging to set up so get it done and then you can move on with your setup.

2) Hanging Your Grow Lights

The tough part with grow lights is choosing the right one…

Should you go for an LED light? Perhaps a High Intensity Discharge light would be better?

If you are time-poor, check out this brief but useful breakdown of the best lights for growing marijuana.

Anyway, hanging your lights is the easy part!

The best method is to use rope ratchets. These are strong, cheap and incredibly easy to adjust. You can move them up or down with ease and you won’t need to worry about dropping your light onto your plants.

3) Hanging Your Extractor/Exhaust Fan

Different growers have different preferences for exhaust systems.

If you pop your extractor fan inside the tent, this will serve to mute the sound of the running fan so you experience less noise in your grow room. It will also maximize airflow and circulation.

Use rope ratchets or some nylon rope to hang up the exhaust fan from the top bars inside your tent.

Check also that there is a way for air to get into your grow tent. Most have vents you can remove for this purpose. It’s best not to take the covers completely off as you risk light leaking in.

4) Hook Up Carbon Filter

With a sensitive crop like marijuana, the last thing you need is for the smell of your grow to seep out and come to the attention of any outsiders.

Carbon filters mean you can grow in confidence with the smell being neutralized perfectly.

This filter can be positioned at the back of the tent so it can do its job without getting in the way.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want any air that’s leaving the tent to pass through the carbon filter before it does so.

A sealed tent has negative air pressure and the odor will be contained inside. The problem can arise when you open the doors to the tent…

A handy hint is to set up an additional carbon filter outside the tent in the grow room proper. Run this along with some Ona gel when you are moving in and out of your tent.

Don’t skimp on a decent exhaust system. It’s well worth the time and trouble to get this right.

5) Checks: Safety, Stealth, Sound

A few final checks and you will be ready to start sowing your seeds…

  • Safety: Check that everything inside the tent is fully secured. Ensure that all electrics are off the floor in case any water spills. Make certain there are no trailing cords likely to trip you up
  • Stealth: Once everything is set up nicely, turn on your grow light and exhaust fan for an entire day to check that everything is working well. The sides of your tent should bow slightly to indicate that negative air pressure is in place. The carbon filter should be firmly attached to the exhaust fan. Take a walk around outside your house while things are running and see if any suspicious buzzing or other sounds are audible
  • Sound: Hanging fans will always make less noise than if you place them on top of something else. Clean the fans regularly to reduce the sound they make. Muffle any air and water pumps by placing them on some pieces of wood rather than positioning them on the floor


Now you are ready to get started growing!

If you go here, there’s plenty of information on buying the best medical marijuana seeds along with plenty of other helpful hints about getting the right grow lights. There are many superb forums that can help with any queries you might face along the way.

Please drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback.

And come back soon for more in our series on growing indoors!

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