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Tiny Red Spider Mites & Benefits of Community Gardens

Scientifically known as Tetranychus urticae, tiny red spider mites are a kind of arachnid that feed on–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” rel=”nofollow”>–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” rel=”nofollow”>–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” rel=”nofollow”>–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” target=”_blank”>plants, particularly the leaves. They are truly menacing plant pests. These mites are so tiny (about .75 to 1mm in size) that you won’t even catch them visually without the aid of a magnifying lens.–content/uploads/2017/03/17578070_758766990948699_1348119658_n.png” rel=”nofollow”>–content/uploads/2017/03/17578070_758766990948699_1348119658_n.png” […]

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Growing Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chefs prize chanterelle mushrooms just as they value truffle, that other famous fungus. The chanterelle is mycorrhizal. This means it has a mutually beneficial relationship with the roots of certain trees. Before we look at growing chanterelle mushrooms, a quick look at the bare essentials of these unusual fungi.Chanterelle Mushrooms: The Basics Source: Beth DunhamKey Features: No […]

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Are Possums Dangerous And Other Strange Facts

The possum is an extremely strange animal. Looking rather like an oversized rat, there is certainly something unsettling about this malevolent looking creature. Are possums dangerous, though? This is one of the first questions posed by many people when they are faced by the fierce teeth of this unusual marsupial. We will look today at […]

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