Dylox Insecticide: How To Treat Grubs In Your Garden The Easy Way

What should you do if you have an infestation of grubs in your garden?

One highly effective solution is to use Bayer’s Dylox, a selective and extremely efficient insecticide.

Before we look at this remedy, we’ll first investigate a little about grubs…


My Lawn Has Lots of Grubs: Help!

dylox insecticide for grubs

If you are pottering around in the garden and see a couple of grubs, there’s no real cause for alarm. Even spotting one or two on the lawn should be no cause for immediate concern.

There is certainly no sense in reaching straight for the insecticide unless you have a proper infestation.

If you notice an abundance of grubs, though, it’s time to take action swiftly.

They might seem relatively benign but they can easily kill off your turf. The damage caused by grubs chewing up the roots can be devastating. Insufficient water and nutrients getting through will cause your grass to turn brown and die off. This is the last thing you need after putting in so much hard work.

Signs That You Could Have a Grub Problem

Here are some pointers that should help you determine whether or not you have a grub problem…

  • Sightings of lots of grubs in one specific area. Any more than a handful in a 1 square foot area and it’s time to investigate
  • Unexpectedly heavy bird concentration in one area of the lawn. Birds love to feast on grubs so watch out for their habits and take action if necessary
  • Loose brown turf. The lack of roots means it will rip up very easily
  • Any racoon or skunk damage. They like to eat grubs. They also wreak havoc on your lawn
  • Beetle activity. This is where the grubs come from. The eggs they lay turn into grubs so keep your eye out for beetles, especially Japanese beetles

If you find that some or all of the above are in place, get prepared and get rid of them!

What Is Dylox?

Dylox is a potent selective insecticide often used by professionals.

Because of its chemical nature, it’s always a smart move to fully read the instructions and labeling. Become familiar with the product you are about to introduce into your garden. This way, you can maximize the efficiency of the insecticide while ensuring that your garden remains safe.

Bayer market Dylox, an organophosphate, in both liquid and granular form. You can also find it as a powder.

How Does Dylox Work?

Trichlorfon – dimethyl 2,2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxyethylphosphonate – is the active ingredient present in this Bayer insecticide.

The fact that it’s a selective insecticide means that it will kill some of the insects it comes into contact with but not all of them.

There are two main methods by which it works…

  • Directly coming into contact with the insect
  • Being ingested by the insect

One of the main issues with regular insecticides penetrating your lawn properly is thatch buildup. This can create a barrier between the grass and soil and stop the insecticide from seeping through.

If you follow the instructions closely, Dylox will make its way happily through up to half an inch of thatch and get straight to work on killing those pests.

What Pests Does Dylox Control?

  • Grubs
  • Bill bugs
  • Chinchbugs
  • Sod webworms
  • Armyworms
  • Cutworms
  • Bluegrass weevils

One of the constants of all of the above pests is the damage they inflict to your lawn. Dead patches and those still dying will turn brown. If you notice any holes, these are generally caused by the predators of the pests rather than the pests themselves.


If you fear an infestation of any of the above nuisances, invest in some Dylox and get to work!

Different Types Of Dylox

Dylox 6.2

dylox 6.2

 Source: Pestrong

If you are looking for the granular version, it is sold as Dylox 6.2.

The tan granules have a very sweet smell to them.

Trichlorfon is the active ingredient in Dylox. 6.2 refers to the percentage of this according to weight.

Both subterranean and surface feeding insects will be killed when they come into contact with Dylox. It can also kill some birds and fish so think carefully about the environment in which you will use it.

Your best bet is to use a lawn spreader. You will need 2 pounds of Dylox 6.2 for every 1000 square foot of lawn. Pay close attention to the settings on your spreader. Use the correct name for best results.

Note: The trichlorfon will only be released once you have watered the area. Make sure that you do this after application.

This detailed guide from the manufacturer is well worth studying if you plan to use the granular variety.

Dylox 420 SL

dylox 420 sl liquid insecticide

Source: Pestrong

If you are on the hunt for Dylox in liquid form, opt for the 420 SL.

You mix up this clear solution with water then lace it onto your lawn.

The levels depend entirely upon which pest is blighting your garden. You will need to use anywhere between 4.5 and 7 fluid ounces along with a couple gallons of water for every 1000 square foot of grass.

One thing to bear in mind is that, although you mix this insecticide with water pre-application, you also need to water your lawn afterward. Do so until the grass is completely saturated.

A Word of Warning


Dylox is extremely toxic to humans.

Do not inhale or ingest the chemical. Do not allow it to come into contact with your skin.

Make sure that when you are applying Dylox you wear suitable protective clothing:

  • Pants
  • Long sleeves
  • Rubber gloves
  • Protective glasses

Keep children and pets away from the treated area until it has been watered then thoroughly dried.

When tested on animals like rats, mice and hamsters, the active ingredient in Dylox has been shown to cause fetal abnormalities. Although there is no evidence to link this to humans, it’s best to stay safe. Keep any pregnant women away from the area completely.


While it’s great to keep the garden as free of chemicals as possible, sometimes it’s the only realistic option.

When you have a real outbreak of grubs or any of the other pests listed above, there really is very little option but to break out the insecticide.

Sometimes, the cheapest option works out just fine but in other cases paying for quality and results is essential. If you are looking for a highly effective insecticide then you should seriously consider Dylox. It gets the job done every time.

If you have any questions at all then don’t hesitate to contact us. We always value your feedback and try to answer any queries as promptly as possible.

Now get rid of those grubs with your Dylox!

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