Chicken Manure from Lowes and Natural Poultry Manure

Anyone who loves gardening knows the importance of a good fertilizer.

If you have a healthy vegetable garden, one of the best choices is chicken manure.

This type of fertilizer is usually sold commercially as dried pellets. It’s one of the best non-chemical options for those of you who like to keep things natural.

You should be aware that you might need to add some other fertilizer if you opt for poultry manure in the dry form, whether pellets or powder.

chicken manure lowes

What Are The Advantages And Drawbacks of Using Chicken Manure?

By definition, most gardeners have a keen interest in the environment. By choosing a fertilizer that’s free of chemicals, you can offer your garden the best nutrients while remaining completely eco-friendly.

If you are looking for green plants with plenty of leaves, nitrogen is the key nutrient required. Chicken manure is a wonderful source of this colorless gas. You’ll also enjoy a dose of other vital nutrients into the bargain. Organic matter will be added to the soil which will enhance the retention of water and nutrients.

It should be noted that poultry manure contains rather less potassium and phosphorous than you’ll get with some synthetic fertilizers. The nutrient content is also slower release.

How To Use Chicken Manure

chicken manure lowes

If you’re looking to carry out some simple top-dressing, you can safely select an average dose of chicken manure. Use 150g per square meter.

Always err on the side of caution and use less rather than more. You can always increase the dose but you can’t undo the damage caused by being heavy-handed.

Circumstances always differ. Perhaps your crops are not quite so hungry. Maybe your lawn is prone to scorching. 100g per square meter will suffice in either of these situations.

Some vegetables, on the other hand, are much greedier. Ramp the dosage up to 200g per square meter but split this in half with a month between applications.

Make sure you are not drawn into using the manure from domestic chickens. This is fine for compost but not so great for fertilizer. It looks extremely unsightly and draws in vermin. As a final insult, this may burn the roots of your plants so sidestep it completely as a fertilizer.

When To Use Chicken Manure

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Due to problems with transportation and the issues above, home gardeners rarely use fresh chicken manure. As well as composting, it can also be used for blackcurrants and plum trees if you are able to source some.

If you do roll with the fresh variety bear in mind that the manure can contain damaging bacteria. Take proper precautions…

  • Wear gloves when you are handling the manure
  • Don’t eat or smoke when you are working
  • Steer well clear of the dust kicked off and do not breathe it in

The dried or processed type such as that offered by Lowes presents far less of a risk. This manure is sterilized so it’s much safer.

The pellets of this type of chicken manure can be confidently used on most vegetables and fruits. Some sulfate of potash makes a nice supplement.

It’s best not to use chicken manure for any acid-loving plants.

Composting Chicken Manure

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Composting your chicken manure is straightforward and a great way to enhance the release of nutrients over time. They will break down better and become more easily put to use by your plants.

Take the used bedding from the chicken coop and pop it in your compost bin. Douse it with water then turn it every few weeks to allow the air to properly circulate.

You’ll need plenty of patience. It’ll take anywhere from 6-9 months for the manure to be properly ready. Waiting for as long a year is not uncommon.

Once you’re done waiting, simply spread your fresh manure compost over your garden. Use a shovel to work it over thoroughly.

If you are growing vegetables, this type of fertilizer can help them to grow bigger and also much more quickly. It’s a natural way to give things a boost.


If you want to give chemical fertilizers a swerve and get superb results without hurting our fragile planet, chicken manure is a worthwhile alternative.

If you have any questions about this or any aspect of gardening, drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

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