Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews & Ways to Use a Paint Sprayer

​In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a disgraced king sentenced to fruitlessly roll a boulder up a very steep hill for eternity. Sometimes garden maintenance can seem like exactly the kind of impossible task. There’s always something that needs painting or touching up. Today, we’ll give you 5 airless paint sprayer reviews along with what to look for when […]

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Best Mosquito Fogger Buying Guide & Beneficial Garden Insects

​The best mosquito fogger can be incredibly effective at keeping these blood-sucking pests at bay. With over 3500 species of mosquito discovered worldwide, they have spread everywhere with the exception of Antarctica and Iceland. Mosquitoes really are a global nuisance. Through preference, mosquitoes seek out warm, humid climates. They are remarkably resilient, though, and can tolerate colder […]

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Tiny Red Spider Mites & Benefits of Community Gardens

Scientifically known as Tetranychus urticae, tiny red spider mites are a kind of arachnid that feed on–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” rel=”nofollow”>–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” rel=”nofollow”>–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” rel=”nofollow”>–to–grow–plants–indoors–easily/” target=”_blank”>plants, particularly the leaves. They are truly menacing plant pests. These mites are so tiny (about .75 to 1mm in size) that you won’t even catch them visually without the aid of a magnifying lens.–content/uploads/2017/03/17578070_758766990948699_1348119658_n.png” rel=”nofollow”>–content/uploads/2017/03/17578070_758766990948699_1348119658_n.png” […]

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