The Beefmaster Tomato Unveiled

When it comes to tomatoes, it could be argued that the beefmaster tomato is king of the garden. Think about the enormous juicy specimens that win prizes at fruit and veg contests… chances are that the succulent red behemoth Chances are that the succulent red behemoth claiming first spot is a beefmaster. While these impressive […]

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Looking for Unique Alternatives for Planters and Pots?

We’ve always been taught the simple method of caring for plants: Keep them in pots or planters. Straight forward, right? Well, what if you’re tired of the same old plastic and ceramic planters and pots? If you want to dial up the wow factor on raising plants and your decor, try some of these alternatives! […]

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Best Weed Puller Reviews

Garden weeding is not a job that many people enjoy, but it can be made easier if you have the right tools. Pulling weeds by hand is tiring and can really hurt your hands after a bit of time. Instead, look for the best weed puller to suit your garden and the types of weeds […]

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Guamuchil Tree: The Manila Tamarind Fruit

The Guamuchil (Phithecellobium Dulce) fruit comes from the Guamuchil tree of the Bean Family. The Guamuchil tree originated from Mexico. It is also native to Central and South America. The Guamuchil tree grow from 16 feet to 49 feet (4.87m to 14.92m) tall. There is actually much controversy regarding the real name of this unusual […]

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