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Garden weeding is not a job that many people enjoy, but it can be made easier if you have the right tools. Pulling weeds by hand is tiring and can really hurt your hands after a bit of time. Instead, look for the best weed puller to suit your garden and the types of weeds you’re pulling. A weed puller is going to help you do the job more quickly and with a lot less effort than hand weeding or even using a shovel.

Using a Weed Puller

Using a Weed Puller

A lot of gardeners use shovels of spades to do the job of pulling out tough weeds. This can work for some areas, but it tends to leave large holes around the yard that will then have to be covered up again. Not every area of the garden can handle having holes everywhere. Grass lawns, grow tents, and tight flower beds are bad places to use a spade for weeding. Using a weed puller will make the work faster and more efficient than weeding by hand.

Benefits of Having the Best Weed Puller

What can you expect the best weed puller to do for you if you buy it? Here are the benefits you will get if you make the right purchase:

Spare Your Hands

Hand pulling weeds, even if you are wearing gloves, is pretty rough business. Your hands can get torn up and cut by tough weeds like crab grass or thistles. Weed puller eliminate the need to use your hands for pulling tough weeds. Instead, you’ll just get the weed puller itself to do the dirty work for you!

Help Your Back

Not every type of weed puller is designed to take strain off your back, but many long-handled version are available that make it so you don’t have to bend over. No more breaking out the heavy backpack sprayer to get rid of weeds either. If you have any back problems, knee issues, or other physical health problems, a tall weed puller will make a bit difference for your health and comfort while you’re working in the garden.

Easily Remove Common Weeds

Some specialized tools are made to handle heavy-duty weeds, but for the common garden weeds found around North America a regular weed puller is a good option. Some are designed to pull our long-root weeds like Dandelions, while others go for a more complete set of weeds. Either way, a weed puller is going to be helpful for dealing with the unwanted weeds resulting from using fertilizer for grass.

Weed Puller Comparison Table


Type of Weed Puller





Weed Size

Our Rating

Vremi Garden Weeder Hand Tool

Hand twist and pull

Ergonomic rubber

12.5 in.

Cast aluminum

6.4 oz.

Small to medium

Editor Choice

Radius Garden 205 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder

Hand twist and pull

Ergonomic rubber

42.5 in.

Resin-encased steel shaft + steel blade

3.97 lb.

Medium to large


CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

Hand twist and pull

Ergonomic recycled plastics

13 in.

Temper steel blade

9.2 oz.

Small to medium


Fiskars Deluxe Stand-up Weeder (4-claw)

Weed grabber

Offset ergonomic handle

39 in.

Stainless steel claw, aluminum shaft, plastic sheath

2 lb.

Small to medium


The Original Lawn Jaws Sharktooth Weed Remover Weeding & Gardening Tool Weeder - Pull from the Root Easily!

Hand weed grabber

Hardened rubber

8.7 in.

Steel claws

5.6 oz.

Small to medium


How to Choose the Best Weed Puller

What do you need to look for if you want to make sure you get the best weed puller? Here are the features and characteristics to keep an eye out for when you’re buying:

​Best Weed Puller: Type of Weed Puller

There are a lot of varieties that could be considered the best weed puller. Some use a twisting and pulling method to remove weeds, others have claws that dig in and grab the weeds, and they can be all different heights. The type of weed puller you want to use depends entirely on your specific needs. If you like to get down and dirty pulling weeds, a hand weeder that uses the twist and pull method can be a great option for you.

However, if you want to avoid all the bending and kneeling down to reach the soil, a long shaft weed puller is going to be a great choice for you instead. These come in twist and pull or grabbing styles mostly, and they can be used without stooping over or bending at all.

​Best Weed Puller​: Grip

A comfortable grip with an ergonomic handle shape is going to make your weed pulling job a bit more pleasant. It’s not really a deal-breaker to skip this part, but it’s something that a lot of people are going to want from a weed puller. Handles that are more comfortable will make it easier to pull weeds for hours at a time.

​Best Weed Puller: Length

Whether you want to kneel down and pull weeds or stand a pull, the length is going to make the difference. Some are designed to be tall and are used while you’re standing. Others will be just a few inches long, and should be used with you closer to the ground.

Length also determines how deep you can pull weeds from. If the type of weed you want to pull has a long root or grows deeply into the ground, a longer shaft is going to make it easier to handle those types of weeds.

​Best Weed Puller: Materials

Plastic weed pullers will likely not last as long as high-quality metal weed pullers. Pay attention to the blade material for twist and pull weeders, and the entire mechanism for weed grabbers. Grabbers need to be made from a stronger material in order to work effectively as long as you’re using them. This includes the foot pedal, ejection mechanism, handle, and blades, since they will all be interconnected.

​Best Weed Puller: Weight

Another feature that probably won’t be a deal-breaker, the weight of the weed puller only really matters if you’ll be using it for extended periods of time or if you are carrying it around a lot. In a normal weeding situation, the weight won’t have much effect on how you use the weeder.

​Best Weed Puller: Weed Size

Not every weeder is equipped to handle weeds of all types. Usually they can handle certain size ranges. No weed puller can do it all, so choose one that will do the most for your yard.

How to Decorate a Wedding Venue with Greenery

Are you wondering how to decorate your wedding with nature? Do you love flowers and greenery of all types, and want as much as possible lining the aisle, chairs, tables, dancefloor, stage, and overall venue of your wedding? Many of us garden girls and boys want nature to be a huge part of our big day.

Check With the Venue

This is the first step. Not only do you need to check with them because they need to be on board with whatever floral decorations you are placing in their space, but they could also have connections. Check in with, or have your wedding planner check with the venue before you do any of the heavy lifting or leg work. If your wedding venue is all-inclusive, tell them about your green dreams. They may have all the material and connections you need to create your perfect day before you have to outsource on your own.

Go Wholesale

Buying in bulk is always your best bet. Anything in bulk will be cheaper than purchasing small amounts. Do your research on wholesale places in your area that sell flowers, plants, succulents, and all other greenery you are looking to add into your wedding venue. Sometimes this is possible if you do enough digging on places in the area. If it is not possible, you will need to read the next step.

Get a Florist Who Has Connections

My wedding florist was able to get incredibly cheap flowers because she had a discount to wholesale businesses. Make sure you ask them if this is possible and make sure your flowers and their commission is calculated separately. Having a friend in the business is the best bet.

Fit Green into Your Theme

A green thumb is not enough for this great endeavor of creating a beautiful wedding venue. You will also need the ability to create a beautiful setting out of the greenery. Find pictures of the ways others have decorated their venues. These are all over the internet. Look up articles and do research.

Visit local nurseries and gardens and talk to wedding planners and florist shop owners and see what the experts have to say about how their clients have decorated their venues. Just because you are a great gardner, your skill of caring for plants does not automatically make you a great designer. You will need to do the work of finding a way to beautifully present nature into your big day.

It's in the Details

There are so many subtle ways to add green into the small details of your big day. You can add flowers and plants as place settings or even put roses in your drinks. You can put Terrariums that you handmade on the tables to add a special touch. You can place succulents around the room. Flowers can be added to the cake, both edible and nonedible alike. The photo booth can be lined with flowers. There are so many options to choose from to add green detail!

​Final Thoughts on the Best Weed Puller 

From our comparison table above, I want to recommend the Vremi Garden Weeder as the best weed puller. It’s a hand weed puller with a unique shape that makes it easy to yank out most small to medium weeds. The design is both comfortable and very sturdy, with a rubber ergonomic handle and cast aluminum blade and shaft. Overall, this is a good weeder for most gardeners to get rid of pesky weeds from the lawn and garden.

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