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Caring for a garden can be a lot of fun, but it does take work and effort on your part to make it into something great. One thing you have to be very vigilant about is watering your plants. Without water, they won’t last long, and will never grow to their full potential. Having the best watering wand will help you keep up a good routine with minimal effort.


What is a Watering Wand?

Watering wands are hose attachments that are specially designed to spray water in a certain way. Some are used for washing cars or shooting out strong jets of water, while others are made for gentle watering of plants and gardens. They usually have a long reach and a mechanism for keeping the water flow on and turning it off again.

Watering wands can’t be used with hose end sprayers or other hose attachments, because they will be attached to the end of the garden hose themselves. If you already use this type of equipment, a watering wand will replace these pieces and can’t be used alongside them.

Why Are They Useful?

If you have tall hanging flower baskets, a watering wand is going to help you reach them easily without struggling or standing on top of anything. These wands also can change the spray pattern of the water to make it gentler on plants, while still soaking the area well. You can then switch to a stronger jet stream for washing cars or a medium stream for outside window washing. Their versatility makes watering wands a great tool to keep nearby your garden hose reel.

Benefits of a Watering Wand

Easily Reach Every Plant

Hanging plants are often hard to water properly, but a watering wand makes it really easy. Even your plants in the back of the garden that are hard to reach will be easier to water with a long wand.

Water Lightly

The best way to water plants is to sprinkle water softly, mimicking the rain. For this, you need a specialized hose attachment that softens the spray. Watering wands do just that, and they keep your plants safe from strong jets of water that might come from a normal hose. This way, you can water your plants just like it’s raining on them, and give them a good soaking.

Easier on Your Hands

Most watering wands have a simple on and off mechanism that gives you greater control over the stream without causing any more difficulty for your hand muscles. Some hose attachments take a lot of effort to keep a continuous stream, while others don’t give you options for varying the stream. Watering wands are more comfortable to use and usually give you some level of control over the water stream coming out.

Top 5 Watering Wand Reviews Comparison Table

Product Name


Spray Pattern

Watering Strength


On/Off Mechanism

Our Rating

The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

8 adjustable settings

Gentle to Strong

15 inches


Editor Choice

Dramm 14804 One Touch Rain Wand

Dramm 14804 One Touch Rain Wand with One Touch Valve, 30-Inch, Green

Water Breaker shower head


16 or 30 inches



Orbit Hose-End 58674N

Orbit Hose-End 58674N 36-Inch 9-Pattern Turret Wand with Ratcheting Head

9 adjustable patterns

Gentle to Strong

36 inches



Orbit Underground 56287

Orbit Underground 56287 Green Thumb Water Wand, 16-Inch

10 adjustable patterns

Gentle to Strong

16 inches



Dramm 12900 Touch-N-Flow

Dramm 12900 Touch-N-Flow Hanging Basket Rain Wand 36-Inch Length, Blue

Rain Shower Head


16, 30, or 36 inches



How to Choose the Best Watering Wand

Here are the main characteristics to look for when you’re searching around for the best watering wand:

Spray Pattern

If you’re planning to use the wand for watering plants, you have to make sure there’s a good spray pattern available that mimics rain in some way. It should break up water droplets into smaller pieces that won’t hit the plants hard. A jet stream of water can harm your plants while you’re watering, and it won’t cover a large enough area at once. An ideal spray pattern has smaller droplets, but also sprays the water over a larger area at once.

Many watering wands come with adjustable spray patterns. It’s good to have options, in case you want to do a variety of things with the hose. Some watering wands only come with one spray head option, because they are designed for watering the garden plants and nothing else.

Watering Strength

As I’ve touched on already, the watering strength is one of the biggest things you need to look at when you’re choosing a watering wands. You need to find something that’s capable of gentle watering if you want to do work around the garden. Gentle watering shouldn’t cause any stress on the plants. It also shouldn’t cause the amount of water coming from the hose to lessen.

Ideally, a gentle and a strong spray should produce the same amount of water, but it will be distributed differently to increase or decrease the pressure. This makes it easier to water the garden in a short amount of time, since the stream of water is still heavy enough to soak into the ground well.


The reach of the watering wand refers to how long it is. A longer reach will help you to get to plants that are farther away without as much effort on your part. Hanging plants require a longer reach if they’re higher up on your deck or porch. Some garden layouts require a long reach to get to plants in the back and middle of the garden, because they are not close enough to the edges to be reached by a normal hose. The longer the reach, the easier it will be to water all of your plants at once.

On/Off Mechanism

Unless you want to make your hands sore from holding a trigger lever while watering, it’s a good idea to look for a wand with a mechanism that holds itself on or off at the level you set. Some wands still come with trigger levers, which are fine for most people, but bad for those with larger spaces to water or anyone who suffers from arthritis.

Instead of trigger levers, a lot of watering wands now have thumb operated on and off switches. You can push the tab to the level of water you want, allowing you to adjust the flow rate while you’re at it. If you push the thumb switch all the way, it will stay on and keep a steady stream of water going until you turn it off manually. Gardeners usually like this type better, since you won’t have to hold down a lever while watering all of your plants.


Now that you know how to look for the best watering wand, let me recommend the Relaxed Gardener Water Wand as a great choice to check out. It’s got adjustable spray patterns, gives you the choice of gentle or strong watering, works with thumb operated controls, and it has a decent reach of 16 inches. All of this makes it an ideal pick for gardening, although it’s not going to be as useful for washing cars or other applications.

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