Best Secret Jardin Grow Tent Reviews

When it comes to grow tents and accessories, Secret Jardin are a force to be reckoned with. Along with Gorilla, they are true market-leaders in this field.

We will take a look today at some Secret Jardin grow tent reviews focusing on just three of their many tents. We’ll glance at two designed for professional growers and one that’s perfect for beginners.

Back in 2006, Secret Jardin was the first manufacturer to harness the incredible reflective powers of hammered Mylar. Others companies followed suit and Mylar rapidly became industry standard for its incredible reflectivity.

In addition to lighting and all the accessories you might need if you want to grow medical marijuana, Secret Jardin offer grow tents for every possible need.

The range is divided into four main categories:

  • Expert: Intense
  • Professional: Dark Room, Orca Room
  • Hobby: Dark Street, Vintage, Twin, Lodge, Cristal
  • Propagation: Dark Propagator

Today we will look at reviews of two tents from the Professional line – both Dark Room variants – and a Lodge tent from the Hobby stable. Anyone looking for the best Secret Jardin grow tents is in the right place!

If you are a very experienced grower interested in the Expert range or you want something specifically for propagation, check out the Secret Jardin site to investigate these options.

It’s tough to review three very similar products without repeating information so we attempt here to highlight the key features of each variant without referring to what they all have in common.

Now for the reviews…

Secret Jardin Grow Tent Reviews


An ultra-compact 3 x 3 tent is our first selection, the incredibly popular DR90.

This rugged tent is perfect for experienced growers who have limited space but still want a decent crop of medical marijuana.

You’ll be able to assemble this tent very easily straight out the box. No tools are needed but it’s best to erect it with the help of a friend as it can be fiddly trying to do this solo.

The air vents are adjustable and come with nifty bug netting. The water tray is removable reducing the chance of any spillage near your electrics.

The seams are taped and the zippers have been improved so you can keep any light from leaking.

Handy Dual-Sock ports allow you to hang up all the growing equipment you need with ease.

If you are on the hunt for a small and stealthy grow tent on a budget, have a good look at the DR90 from Secret Jardin.


  • Dense, long-lasting 210D tent
  • Plenty of ports available for your convenience
  • Mylar for maximum reflectivity
  • Reflective Mylar for 100% reflection
  • Viewing windows makes monitoring your plants a breeze
  • Improved zippers for less light leakage


  • Slightly small so make sure this fits your requirements before buying it

Our next grow tent is also from the Professional Dark Room line, this time the slightly bigger DR120.

This comes in at 4 x 4 foot so it’s still great for confined spaces but will offer a better yield so it’s a true win-win.

Now in its third iteration, the DR120 is continually being tweaked and improved. Secret Jardin listen to feedback and then make changes whenever things can be enhanced. The zippers are a prime example of this. They were long flagged as a weak point for light leakage and have been upgraded.

The roof support system can bear loads of up to 30kg so this tent is more than capable of handling all your lighting and fans without giving you cause for concern.

Whether you want to grow using soil or hydroponics, the DR120 is the versatile answer to your growing needs.

If your budget will stretch to it, this tent should be on everyone’s shortlist.


  • Highly durable tear-proof fabric
  • ​Mylar lining for complete reflectivity
  • ​Collapses quickly for simple storage
  • ​Easy to put together with no tools required
  • ​Top and bottom vents are highly effective
  • ​Useful accessory set


  • A little more expensive but great value for money

We will round out our Secret Jardin grow tent reviews with a model pitched at beginners and hobbyists, the L90 from the Lodge series.

At 3 x 2 square feet, the L90 is the smallest of the four Lodge tents. It’s still large enough, though, to bring on a respectable crop of plants in a very tight space.

One of the real advantages of this tent is being able to enjoy two separate growing areas within the same tent. With the dividing wall in place, you can have one zone for bloom and the other for growth. There is also another chamber for propagating. Remove the barrier and you can have one larger grow space.

This tent works best with LED lights.

If you want a great quality grow tent which can be used in a number of different configurations, think seriously about the L90. It will not disappoint.


  • Two growing areas in one tent
  • 3 x 2 size perfect for smaller grow-ops
  • ​Long-lasting frame and zippers
  • ​3 removable water trays makes life easy
  • Brand you can trust
  • Check out your plants without needing to enter the tent


  • Quite expensive but sound overall value


If you require any further information on the Secret Jardin grow tents or anything related to growing and gardening, just get in touch. We always reply as promptly as possible and welcome any feedback.

Come back soon as we have more to come in this series on growing indoors.

Happy growing!

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