Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills Reviews

Proper lawn maintenance requires a great deal of effort and time.

First, you need to sew your grass seed then make sure it’s properly fertilized and watered.

Once things are looking nice and green, you then have to keep on top of the mowing. As if that’s not enough, you then need a weed eater to finish off the edges nicely.

So much work!

How about if you live somewhere with rolling slopes and hills in the area?

We’ll look today at some of the best riding lawn mowers for hills reviews.

Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills

First, though, we’ll walk you through the options available when you need to cut grass on an incline.


What To Think About If Your Garden Is Hilly

When it comes to mowing on a slope, you have 4 main choices:

  • Walk-Behind Mower
  • Riding Mower (Rear-Engine)
  • Lawn and Garden Tractors
  • Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Walk-Behind Mower

If you can manage to cope with the physical demands, a walk-behind mower makes great sense. For those who are less able, you can get some wonderful self-propelled models if you have the budget to spare.

Look for a high quality motor and enjoy a safe, therapeutic way to mow your hilly grass without spending a fortune.

Riding Mower (Rear-Engine)

Rear-engine riders make for a relaxing and comfy experience.

These scaled-down riding mowers have smaller decks making them ideal for gardens with lots of obstacles. You can maneuver these mowers around in tight spots fuss-free.

Storage is simple since they don’t take up the space required to house a garden tractor or a zero-turn mower. They are also much more affordable.

These rear-engine riding mowers work brilliantly on hills.

The deck will pivot along with the front axle giving you a superior cut through turns. Less obstruction means you’ll get a better view while the exhaust fumes are safely expelled behind.

Cutting width is determined by the size of the deck. The larger the deck, the more grass you can cut in a single pass. Smaller decks are wise if you have to think about gates and other tight spaces. The more grass you can cut with your mower, the less you’ll need to trim manually. Get the right size deck for your circumstances.

Hydrostatic transmission gives you a nice gentle ride with no hassle of changing gears. These models are correspondingly more expensive. The other option is a disc drive manual transmission which is probably most common.

On the downside, rear-drive riding mowers are slightly sluggish topping out at just 5mph. Also, you won’t be able to drag any heavy attachments like you would with a tractor.

Lawn and Garden Tractors

If you have more garden duty in mind than just mowing, a lawn or garden tractor is the logical solution.

For a multi-purpose workhorse, these powerful units with very capable engines – usually 420cc -750cc – hit the spot.

Although they are not the quickest at 6-7mph, if you want to perform lots of pulling and grunt work alongside regular mowing, tractors are a smart bet.

Lawn Tractor

A lawn tractor is best if you are looking to cut your grass and carry out very light yard duties. These are lighter than garden tractors although still substantial vehicles. They have less horsepower and torque along with smaller tires in back.

From advanced lawn care like aerating and spreading through to towing light carts, lawn tractors are very versatile.

For gardens with hills, look for a tractor with locking rear differential. You’ll lose a little speed but gain plenty of traction.

Garden Tractor

For heavier earthmoving, whether it’s cultivating or tilling, a garden tractor is the most suitable option.

If you need to tow heavier loads or start in with some serious earthmoving, a garden tractor takes some beating.

The minimum size engine for a garden tractor is 24HP. With beefed-up back tires, you’ll get more ground clearance and stability.

With welded steel frames, super-strong axles and potent engines, garden tractors might not be cheap but they certainly represent great overall value.

Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

The final option when it comes to riding mowers is a zero-turn mower (ZTR).

While these are certainly not cheap, they are generally used for commercial projects or for houses with several acres of garden so think of it as an investment.

The innovative steering system means you can turn on a dime with these variants.

There is a whole range of ZTRs from entry-level and mid-grade on through commercial machines for the very heaviest work.

While a ZTR certainly means business, this is absolutely not the best approach if you have a hilly garden to mow. Having an accident with one of these beasts rolling over could result in serious injury or death. ZTRs are awesome pieces of equipment but save them for flatter terrain.


Now you have a solid grasp of the different options at your disposal, it’s time to check out some riding lawn mower for hills reviews.

If you take the time to think carefully about exactly how you will use your mower and what you expect from it, getting the best riding lawn mower for hills is really not rocket science.

5 Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills Reviews

First up in our riding lawn mower for hills reviews is a powerful but compact model from the legendary Troy-Bilt.

The 382ccc engine offers you all the power you need if you are mowing on hills. The Powermore OHV plant is rugged and built to last. You’ll fit 1.3 gallons in the fuel tank. There’s a handy sight window so you can easily see when you need some gas.

While larger cutting decks have their place, the 30-inch Troy-Bilt is much easier to store away and allows you much more mobility than you’d get with a larger mower. The turning circle is impressive at 18 inches. It’s not quite zero-turn but it’s getting there!

Engaging the blades is a breeze. You’ll be able to choose from 5 settings for the cutting height allowing you great freedom when you’re cutting.

The wheels perform best on level terrain. If your garden is rather uneven, think about a different mower. It always pays to think about what your requirements are so you can get the most suitable option for what you have in mind.

Troy-Bilt offer a comprehensive 2-year limited warranty. Riding mowers are not cheap and a sound guarantee gives you the peace of mind you need when making a substantial purchase.


  • Capable 382cc engine gives you plenty of power and torque
  • 30-inch cutting deck perfect combination of speed and maneuverability
  • Simple to engage blades with manual power take off
  • Tight 18-inch turning radius ideal for efficient mowing in restricted spaces
  • All the benefits of a riding mower but the size of a regular walk-behind
  • 5 height adjustable blade for total flexibility


  • Not great on uneven terrain

Next up in our lawn mower for hills reviews is an innovative and multi-tasking vehicle from Raven.

You’ll get more than just a lawn mower with this hybrid. It’s an MPV, mower and generator in one devastating package.

The gas-fuelled motor displaces 420cc. As well as powering the mower, it also juices up the on-board generator. This powers up both the blades and the outlets. It also charges up the batteries.

There’s an extremely tight 14-inch turning circle so if you have a smaller garden or need to get in and out through gates or around obstacles, the Raven is tailor-made.

The 46-inch deck means you can cut through wide swathes of grass in next to no time. Usually, larger and bulkier mowers lose out on maneuverability but the Raven gives you the best of both worlds: power in a nimble unit.

Riding the Raven is fun while the front shocks and suspension help to dampen it down for you. You’ll make light work of any hills and you can tow up to 550 pounds so you’re all set for even heavy chores.

If you want an entertaining and adaptable vehicle offering far more than just mowing, take a good hard look at this Raven MPV. It’s a great deal of bang for your buck and it cuts the grass beautifully too!


  • Outstanding 420cc engine serves double duty powering generator
  • 46-inch deck for wide cutting path and speedy mowing
  • Generous towing capacity of 550 pounds
  • Shocks and suspension on front for cushioned ride
  • Climbs hills with ease but need to ride brakes on way down
  • Highly maneuverable so great for smaller yards


  • Shipping costs are high

Another contender for the best riding mower for hills is this automatic from the well-respected Poulan Pro.

The 42-inch deck allows you to make great progress when you’re mowing without losing out on maneuverability. You have 6 cutting heights to choose from so you can get the very best from your mower.

The Briggs and Stratton engine common in riding mowers kicks out almost 16HP and lets you move up hills without a hitch. The air filter is very easy to clean and maintain.

With an oscillating deck, you can get a crisp, even cut whatever the ground is like underfoot.

The driving experience is straightforward. With an automatic hydrostatic transmission, you’ve got no clutch or gears to worry about. Just hop on and hit the lever to move forwards.

If you are not so practical, you can opt in for the expert assembly option. Your Poulan Pro would ordinarily be delivered in pieces. It takes around 3 hours for a skilled professional to get things up and running. Be realistic about your abilities and take this option if you need it.

For a formidable riding lawn mower that won’t let you down on a slope, give some serious thought to the Poulan Pro.


  • Single cylinder OHC Briggs and Stratton engine develops 15.5HP and gives you the torque you need on hills
  • Automatic transmission makes mowing a breeze
  • Adjust cutting deck through 6 positions for complete flexibility
  • Floating deck helps deliver smooth cut even on rough terrain
  • Oscillating front axle for performance and comfort combined


  • Need to pay extra for expert assembly

Husqvarna have a hard-won reputation for producing first-class appliances of all natures. Their yard tractor is no exception in this tradition of excellence.

Although this yard tractor has a generous 48-inch cutting deck, it’s still relatively compact so you can zip around in confined areas without too much problem.

With a 24HP Briggs and Stratton engine equipped with cruise control, riding the mower is much more fun than using a hand mower. The hydrostatic automatic transmission takes all the sting out of driving and you can travel forwards or in reverse.

You engage the blades electronically so there’s no messing around.

If you want to tow anything behind this tractor, there are plenty of accessories to enable this. There’s also a useful mulching kit available.

For a reliable and adaptable riding mower for hills, pop the Husqvarna on your shortlist. This tractor delivers admirably and will last for years and years.


  • Wide 48-inch cutting path makes light work of even large lawns
  • Engage blades electronically for your complete convenience
  • Powerful V-Twin engine works well on flat ground and hills so highly versatile
  • Quick and easy automatic transmission
  • Cruise control comes in handy in big areas


  • Not the cheapest mower on the market

Finishing up our hunt for the best riding lawn mower for hills, here’s a neat 42-incher from Yard Machines.

It weighs in at just under 500 pounds and has a generous cutting path but this mower is not too awkward to move around either. It’s a real win-win with the Yard Machines 420cc.

There’s a 7-speed gearshift meaning you can cope with all your cutting needs and maximize performance.

The mower arrives practically assembled so it won’t take much effort to get it running straight out the box.

With a comfy seat, you can work for extended periods without straining yourself.

You’ll get a 2-year limited warranty so you can buy this mower without worrying about any problems down the line.


  • Outstanding Powermore engine will serve you well on the flat or on a slope
  • Efficient 42-inch cutting deck for speedy results
  • Very quick and easy to assemble
  • 2-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Total versatility with 7 speeds available


  • Reasonably expensive

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills Review Wrap-Up

How did you find these riding lawn mower for hills reviews?

Drop us a line if you have any questions or if there is anything that you would like us to cover here at IGardenPlanting. We are always delighted to hear from our readers and more than happy to help.

Now take care on those hills!

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