Best Professional Chainsaw Reviews and Tips for Gardening with Kids

For most people, a chainsaw is just another tool in the shed. You have it because you need it from time to time, but you don’t use it all that often. Maybe you trim back branches on the trees in the yard, or just keep it around to deal with branches that fall after storms. But ultimately, you don’t give it too much thought or seek out the best professional chainsaw when purchasing one.

For those who use chainsaws as part of their profession, or even just on a frequent basis, it is a very different story. For these individuals, the very best is needed. In addition to seeking out high-quality chainsaws, they need those that meet their specifications, which usually means more power than your average chainsaw and possibly a longer bar length. To help, we have compiled a list of ​each and every best professional chainsaw currently on the market.

Top 5 Professional Chainsaws Comparison Table

​Best Professional Chainsaw Product Name

​Best Professional Chainsaw


​Best Professional Chainsaw Weight

​Best Professional Chainsaw Power Source

​Best Professional Chainsaw Engine Power

​Best Professional Chainsaw Bar Length

​Best Professional Chainsaw Anti-Vibration Technology

​Best Professional Chainsaw Our Rating

Husqvarna 966048324 460 24-Inch 60cc Rancher Chain Saw; best professional chainsaw




24 inches


Editor Choice

Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch 60.3cc 2-Stoke X-Torq Gas Powered Chain Saw




20 inches



Echo CS-400 18" Gas Chainsaw; best professional chainsaw




18 inches



Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw; best professional chainsaw




20 inches



Poulan Pro 967185102 PP4218A 42cc Assembled Chainsaw




18 inches



First up in our look at is a solid 24-incher from the industry heavyweight Husqvarna.

Since as far back as the 1600s when Husqvarna started producing musket pipes, the company has offered top-notch products at fairly affordable prices. They introduced their first chainsaw in 1959 so you’re getting outstanding brand heritage.

Safety should always be uppermost when you’re operating a chainsaw. Husqvarna have an outstanding chainsaw safety kit serving you up with all the equipment you need to work safely.

The 460 Rancher is a gas-powered 2-stroke beast. The 460 is the largest of the 3 models in the Rancher series. It has a 60cc engine and comes with a choice of 20-inch or 24-inch bar and chain. This model comes with the longer bar and chain.

You’ll be able to churn through any type of wood with ease from softwood through to hardwood. Whether you’re a farmer, a rancher or just have a large residential garden, the Husqvarna delivers in fine style.

The X-Torq engine is incredibly powerful yet uses very little fuel. It also kicks out relatively few emissions so it’s a real win-win.

2-strokes can be tiresome to fire up but the Rancher has a SmartStart system taking the sting out of this.

You can use this chainsaw for extended periods without straining yourself. There is very little vibration and the comfy front grip won’t leave you with blisters. Tensioning the chain is a cinch thanks to a side-mounted tensioner.

For a rugged and able professional chainsaw that will last for years, think seriously about the Husqvarna 460 Rancher. It will not disappoint as one of the best professional chainsaw on the market.


  • High performing chainsaw perfect for professional jobs
  • Extremely capable 60cc 2-stroke gas engine
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner for ease of access
  • Chain brake and LowVib functionality for perfect combination of safety and performance
  • Get going fuss-free with SmartStart technology
  • Tops out at 9000RPM so cut large pieces in no time


  • 24-inch bar not the best if you need to perform ongoing, heavy-duty work. Opt for the 20-inch instead

Another iteration of the 460 Rancher is up next, this time the model featuring the 20-inch bar and chain. This is tailor-made for professionals looking to undertake a range of prolonged and heavy-duty cutting tasks.

In most other respects aside from the length of the bar and chain, this Rancher comes with the same innards and casing as its bigger brother. You’ll get the same 60cc engine and a very impressive range of safety features.

Husqvarna chainsaws require very little maintenance which is great news for busy professionals. The innovative air cleaning system takes care of much of the legwork automatically. Large particles and dust are kept clear of the filter. There’s very little chance of engine flooding thanks to the SmartStart functionality.

At 13 pounds, this chainsaw is light enough to wield for hours on end without compromising on quality.

If you want a dependable and potent, ​a best professional chainsaw, that is built to go the distance, check out the 20-inch Husqvarna 460 Rancher today.


  • 20-inch bar and chain ideal for sustained and heavy cutting
  • Quick-release air filter for ease of cleaning or replacement
  • Side-tensioner for your convenience
  • Rugged and durable with 3-piece crankshaft
  • ​SmartStart, LowVib and choke/stop control so you can work in comfort and safety
  • Versatile engine delivering high torque across a wide RPM range


  • Watch out for bar oil leaking when the chainsaw is stored away
  • Relatively heavy in terms of power/weight ratio

Next in our look at is a mid-price 18-incher from Echo.

Although it tips the scales at only 10 pounds and has a 40cc engine, don’t be fooled into thinking the Echo CS-400 is a lightweight piece of kit. With the 18-inch bar and chain you should be able to deal with even more substantial cutting fuss-free. As long as you are not looking to make really deep cuts, this is man enough for most jobs.

Some gas-powered chainsaws are problematic to start and difficult to ease. Nothing could be further from the truth with the Echo. The i-30 starting system gets you up and running in an instant.

This is a truly rugged piece of kit. Components are well constructed and not likely to break down in a hurry.

You’ll get very little vibration while you are cutting. It is also ultra-quiet in operation. You can barely even hear the chain.

If you don’t want a hulking chainsaw that’s a pain to hold for long spells and you don’t want to drop four figures on a cutting tool, pop the Echo CS-400 on your shortlist. We hope this best professional chainsaw review helps.


  • 18-inch bar and chain included
  • Fire chainsaw up with minimum effort using nifty i-30 starting system
  • 40cc commercial-grade engine offers plenty of power for most regular projects
  • Weighs just 10 pounds so lightweight without dipping out on performance
  • Extremely user-friendly and comfy to use
  • Outstanding build quality and durability


  • Chain needs regular adjustment which can be awkward

Another strong contender for the professional chainsaw comes from the highly reputable Poulan Pro.

Poulan Pro is owned by Husqvarna so this chainsaw shares many components labelled with the familiar “H”.

The powerful 50cc engine helps you to deliver precise and fast cuts. The chromium-plated cylinders and overall build quality means it will not let you down after chopping up a few logs.

As with Husqvarna’s main line chainsaws, you’ll be protected from vibration getting in the way of your work.

You need to do very little by the way of maintenance with the Poulan Pro. The cleaning system will ensure that the filter doesn’t get clogged and there’s an automatic chain oiler. As long as you keep your chainsaw clean, there is not much by the way of ongoing work required.

As an extra bonus, you’ll get a carrying case thrown in. There’s also a comprehensive 2-year warranty so you can buy in total confidence.

For a no-nonsense, competitively-priced best professional chainsaw for home or work, the PP5020AV is well worth checking out.


  • Husqvarna quality without the price tag
  • 50cc gas engine powerful enough for pretty heavy cutting projects
  • Anti-vibration system takes the pain out of using your chainsaw
  • Chromium plated cylinders help engine last for years
  • Super Clean Air Filter system to reduce maintenance and prolong lifespan
  • Extremely affordable without compromising performance


  • Chain supplied is not particularly good. Think about investing in a new chain
  • Uses lots of bar and chain oil

Last in our look at a lighter option, again from Poulan Pro.

Although the engine is not as big as some of the competition at 42cc, it’s still more than adequate for most regular cutting tasks.

With an 18-inch bar and chain, you can work with reasonably large pieces without straining yourself or your saw. At only 12 pounds, it’s light enough for extended use.

You’ll get a superb selection of add-ons with a carrying case and replacement chain along with a file and pair of safety gloves. You don’t really expect such extras with such a cheap chainsaw.

You’re covered with a 2-year limited warranty for both parts and labor.

Check out this awesome 18-inch chainsaw from Poulan Pro today. It might be just what you have been looking for in the best professional chainsaw. 


  • Superb value for money
  • 42cc engine surprisingly powerful
  • Engine protected with Super Clean Air Filtration system
  • 18-inch bar with automatic oiler
  • Great extras with carrying case, file, extra chain and gloves all thrown in
  • Effortless start-up unlike some gas models where it can be awkward and lead to a flooded engine


  • Not ideal for extremely heavy-duty projects

Professions That Will Use the Best Professional Chainsaw

Having the best professional chainsaw might seem like something very few people need. After all, it isn’t like lumberjack is a growing profession. In truth, there are many different jobs where chainsaws are handy, or even vital to getting the job done. What are some of these professions?

professional chainsaw man

Firefighters use chainsaws to ventilate burning buildings and create access points where those built into the house have been cut off. Construction crews and remodeling teams use them when creating and altering buildings, making rough cuts before going in with more precise tools. Demolition teams use them to cut through various wood items, from walls to fences to furniture. Landscapers use them to trim back branches. Property management companies use them to remove fallen trees after storms. Even farmers use them to cut items like hay bales into more manageable sizes.

And even if you do not fall into these categories, you still might need a professional grade chainsaw. If you have a wood-burning fireplace or a wood-burning stove, a chainsaw is more manageable than an axe or a log splitter and can help you with your daily chores. If you have a heavily wooded property, a professional-grade chainsaw makes it easy for you need keep the trees trimmed and safe, and allows you to cut them down should you notice they are starting to rot. Ultimately, there are many reasons to seek out the best professional chainsaw on the market.

How to Choose the Best Professional Chainsaw

As with any product, not every chainsaw marketed as being professional-grade will be a good investment. In addition to seeking out brands with quality reputations, you also need to think about the features each model offers and if they are right for you. Below are the primary features to consider

​Best Professional Chainsaw: Weight

With a professional-grade chainsaw, you are generally looking at more power and a bigger bar length, which ultimately equals more weight. However, you do not want to just accept that your chainsaw will be heavy and tell yourself to deal with it. Since you will be using it frequently and over extended periods of time, a manageable weight is critical to comfortable and safe use.

​Best Professional Chainsaw: Power Source

In general, mobility is a major concern for those using chainsaws for professional applications. Because of this, electric powered chainsaws are not the best for most professional applications. Gas and battery power are both possibilities, but battery-powered chainsaws tend to have lower engine power. The trade-off with selecting a battery-powered model is that it will weigh less than a gas-powered model with a full tank.

​Best Professional Chainsaw: Engine Power

When using a chainsaw for professional purposes, power is key. Not only does it allow you to cut through larger pieces of wood, but it does it faster than a lower-powered chainsaw would. And, as they say, time is money. Engine power is measured in cc, which stands for cubic centimeters.

When deciding on which chainsaw to buy, it is important that you prioritize the engine power over the bar length. While bar length may matter a lot, depending on the job you do, it is also something that can be changed when needed. The engine power, however, will remain fixed. If possible, purchase a chainsaw that offers both the power you need and the length you need. If not, purchase for power and modify the bar length. And also remember that more powerful engines can handle longer bars.

How much power do you need in the best professional chainsaw for you? That depends on the wood you are working with. If, for example, you are simply trimming branches, 35cc to 45cc will be fine. But if you are cutting through thick logs, cutting down trees, or tackling other heavy-duty jobs, you need engines that offer 55cc and up. Anything over 22 inches in diameter will require greater than 70cc.

​Best Professional Chainsaw: Bar Length

Chainsaw bar lenght

We already noted that bar length can be changed, so this should not be your deciding factor unless all else is equal. However, you want to make sure that if you are planning on changing the bar length, it is appropriate for the amount of power the engine offers. Engines with less power cannot handle long bar lengths, and adding a long bar to them makes the chainsaw dangerous to operate. The best-case scenario is to purchase a chainsaw that has the bar length you need.

So, what determines which bar length is best for you? The diameter of the wood you are cutting is one factor, but more than the wood you are cutting, you should decide based on what you can comfortably handle. Longer bar lengths impact the balance of the machine, and this makes it harder to control the longer the bar.

Another thing to consider is that longer bars, while taking fewer passes, actually take longer to cut than short bar lengths. So if speed is a big factor in your work, you may want to stick with shorter bar lengths.

​Best Professional Chainsaw: Anti-Vibration Technology

Finally, for professional applications, anti-vibration technology is a must. With regular use, chainsaws can cause something called hand-arm vibration syndrome, which is an uncomfortable condition that makes your limbs feel as though they are constantly vibrating, even when you have not used the chainsaw for many hours. In addition to being uncomfortable, this can cause trouble when it comes to having full sensation in your arms and hands, which is in itself a safety issue.

Gardening Tips for Kids

You may be wondering how wanting the best professional chainsaw would also relate to wanting your kids garden. Here is how: when you care about the outdoors, especially when you make good money or keep up a good backyard while doing it, there is no doubt you want your kids to follow in your footsteps. So today, not only will we teach you how to choose the best professional chainsaw, we will also teach you how to get your kids excited about outside work, specifically keeping a garden.

Why I Want My Children to Garden with Me  

I always want my garden, and this hobby I enjoy so much, to be fun for my children as well. I am always looking into ways to make it more engaging and exciting for them. Many times, when I'm outside they will come and want to get involved in what I'm doing. They take a genuine interest and enjoy learning all about the different kinds of things I'm growing, what I do to tend to a garden, learning about the insects that help and harm the garden, and paying attention to the supplies I use. This leads me to believe that they are more than capable of learning and growing alongside me.

I am also aware of the benefits gardening can have on children. Learning about nature helps them to learn all about the ecosystem, as well as the role we play in it. It helps them become environmentally friendly. It gets them outside, in the dirt, and shows them just how much fun the outdoors can be. It teaches them that dirt is their friend. Being outside aids my kids in the amount of vitamin D they get. I know that the more they can learn about gardening from me, the new heights it will take them.

Make It Fun for Kids

Make fun activities out exist out there that allow kids to get involved. There are sights on the internet recycling posts that show parents how to use recycled containers as planters, which they allow their kids to use to grow in. You can create creatures out of your plants by doing something as simple as making a sprout head.

You can purchase plant markers to aid you as you teach your kids all about gardening. There are even plant journals that allow your children to have time to think through their adventures in your garden and write their own thoughts down. Get on Google, and specifically Pinterest, and learn all about the fun activities you can implement to show your kids that you want them to be part of what you're doing out there. It benefits them in so many untold ways.

Ask Them What They Want to Plant

Kids know way more than we do. A really beneficial way to get them involved is to ask what they want to plant. Ask them to name their top 3 favorite flowers, veggies, fruit or herbs that they would like to grow on their own. Chances are, if you are growing something they like alongside them, they will be able to enjoy it as well and see the fruit that comes from hard work and dedication.

Get their answers, and care about their responses. Tell them all about why it's a good time to grow one of their favorites and what types of fertilizer it needs to grow. Remind them that in so many amounts of months, they will be able to eat it themselves. This can really help them gain an interest in gardening.

Humble Beginnings Work Well  

You don't have to turn your child into an all out, professional gardener in one day. Start at a slow pace, even if you just talk to them about gardening and have them color pictures of produce at first. You also don't need a lot of plants or huge space to create a garden to do so, either.

You can even start in the house by growing basil in a cup with some dirt or sunflowers placed on a sunny windowsill. Grow some berries in a pot on your front porch. Grow flowers on a small window pot. These simple beginnings show your kids how the most basic parts of gardening works. Things like using and maintaining healthy soil, getting your plants the proper sunlight, and watering on a schedule. As your child starts to show a genuine interest (which will happen), you can get them outside knee deep in the dirt with you.

Create Routines around Gardening

It is a good skill to teach your children that many things in life are not flashy, but consist of keeping your head down and doing consistent work. This includes gardening. Being successful is fully about your consistency. And most of the life skills they need to learn will revolve around having a good work ethic, staying focused, stewarding their work well, and cultivating habits.

Teach your kids to clean off and store the tools when they are done using them. Set aside time, even if that's only half an hour once or twice a week to manage the garden. Show them how to pull weeds, fertilize, and water the garden. These experiences will pay off big time down the road because they give your child meaningful not overwhelming lessons, which will allow them to process and apply.

Visit Somewhere Produce Grows

When they garden at home, children start to understand what gardening is all about. A visit a place where growth happens will expand on their understanding of what this is we are doing at home. It helps their minds to dive deeper into understanding and appreciating the ability to grow food out of the earth as well as the hard work that farmers do and how they are so important to us having food.

This interactive experience will enable your children to get home and get involved. They will be able to see why we do this and pivotal it is. Children work well when they get good interaction between outside life and home life. This is why they have homework, it is why teachers ask the parents to talk about the lessons they are learning at school with them at home, and it is why children usually end up merging their two worlds together. Get them out there in nature, learning all about what it looks like to grow and cultivate food outside of their own backyard.

Final Thoughts for the Best Professional Chainsaw

If you are looking for the best professional chainsaw, there are plenty of good options on the market, and we worked hard to select the five best for you. But before you buy, really consider how the weight, power source, engine power, bar length, and antivibration technology impact the way you work. We are confident that one of our five best professional chainsaw choices above will work well for you.

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