Best Mosquito Fogger Buying Guide & Beneficial Garden Insects

​The best mosquito fogger can be incredibly effective at keeping these blood-sucking pests at bay.

With over 3500 species of mosquito discovered worldwide, they have spread everywhere with the exception of Antarctica and Iceland. Mosquitoes really are a global nuisance.

Through preference, mosquitoes seek out warm, humid climates. They are remarkably resilient, though, and can tolerate colder areas if necessary.

It’s only the female mosquito that sucks blood from humans and animals. They have certain mouthparts lacking in the male and use these to puncture the skin and gain access to blood vessels.

Mosquitoes get their energy from feeding on nectar. The female sucks blood in order to take on board protein so her eggs properly develop.

Often, the regular methods of keeping mosquitoes away are just not efficient enough. For minor outbreaks, one of the tennis racket swatters is cheap an convenient.

Sometimes you need more, though.

We’re here to walk you through the top 5 mosquito foggers on the market.

What Makes The Best Mosquito Fogger?

A mosquito fogger is a handy tool that helps you spray or atomize a pesticide or other solution to blast away any mosquitoes in the area.

There are 2 main types of fogger:

  1. Cold Fogger: Makes use of high air pressure to atomize solution
  2. Thermal or Hot Fogger: Harnesses heat for atomizing

Some foggers are suitable to use indoors while others are only safe for outside work.

Whether it’s a single room and small areas or entire warehouses and outbuildings to blitz, mosquito foggers come in a range of shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one tailored to your requirements.

​Best Mosquito Fogger Types

Looking for the best fogger for your needs can be overwhelming. We are here to make that choice easier.

Cold foggers and thermal foggers have the same end purpose but go about the job in different ways.

​Best Mosquito Fogger: Cold Foggers

These foggers don’t need heat but instead use high air pressure and swirl nozzles to atomize your mosquito solution.

They are commonly known as ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers.

You can use cold foggers indoors or outside without a hitch.

Cold foggers run on electricity so you’ll need to have power where you want to work. Some models get some power from external batteries so you’ll have a little more leeway with those foggers.

You can enjoy a very consistent and accurate particle size that’s a cinch to adjust. This range is wide, from 5 microns to 50 microns. Thus flexibility means you can use cold foggers in a number of different ways.

Best Mosquito Fogger: Thermal Foggers

Hot foggers, also labeled thermal foggers, use hot fogging techniques to make thick clouds of fog with tiny particles.

Because of the high temperature involved in the process, hot fogging is best conducted outdoors.

Some thermal foggers can be used indoors but check out for this issue if you plan to get rid of mosquitoes inside.

Particles are generally anywhere from 5-10 microns. With thermal foggers, though, you can get particles as small as 0.5 microns so they are great for penetrating gaps and cracks.

Thermal foggers are cleaved into two variants:

  • Gas
  • Electric

​Best Mosquito Fogger: Gas Mosquito Fogger

The more common thermal foggers are powered with a gas like propane.

This gas heats an assembly element on the front of the device. Liquid insecticide is pumped through this element which heats it and sprays it out through a nozzle. The solution vaporizes when it comes into contact with air.

Propane foggers are more portable although you’ll need to make provision for fuel tanks or propane cylinders.

​Best Mosquito Fogger: Electric Mosquito Fogger

Electric foggers are more restrictive as you are obviously dependent upon mains power to operate them.

As such, these are no use for large outdoor spraying projects. You’ll be limited to the length of an extension cord so these models are best for smaller indoor jobs.

Some electric foggers have rechargeable external batteries but these types are always more expensive.

How To Use The Best Mosquito Fogger: Particle Size

Mosquitoes are so tiny that you want to be aiming for minuscule particles in your fogger.

Most mosquito control applications are effective anywhere between 5 and 25 microns diameter. To put this into perspective, a human hair is 70 microns while aerosol spray comes in at 50 microns across.

The vast majority of thermal and ULV foggers can deal with this range of particle size hassle-free.

Particle size is a thorny issue…

Any breeze can sweep away particles that are too small meaning they won’t effectively see off mosquitoes. These minuscule particles can simply be whisked away with a gentle breeze.

Much bigger than 25 microns, though, and the density will be inadequate to sufficiently combat pests.

That sweet spot of 5-25 micron particles is where the active ingredients are present in the right proportions and are able to dispatch any mosquito in their path. These particles are also dense enough to fully cover the area with dense fog and reduce the likelihood of any mosquitoes escaping.

The particular method of operation varies from thermal to ULV fogger so familiarize yourself fully with your specific model.

Best Mosquito Fogger Insecticide

The insecticide is what needs to be poured into your fogger to eradicate mosquitoes or other pests.

This powerful substance doesn’t just kill adult insects but also sees off larvae and eggs to prevent future outbreaks from taking place.

When you spend a lot of time and effort on your garden, you don’t want your enjoyment of it hampered by the stinging bites of stray insects.

Insecticides come in 4 different strains…

  1. Malathion: Commercial-grade insecticide normally used to spray crops
  2. Permethrin: Safe for pets and people but can harm bees and fish
  3. Scourge: Lighter insecticide
  4. Anvil: Another common mosquito-repelling insecticide

There is a model here to suit most insect repelling needs.

Best ​Mosquito Fogger Reviews 

​Best Mosquito Fogger



​Best Mosquito Fogger Image

​Best Mosquito Fogger Type


Mosquito Fogger 



Mosquito Fogger



Our Rating

Hudson 99598 Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer, Commercial/portable; best mosquito fogger





Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane Insect Fogger; best mosquito fogger





Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger for Fast and Effective Mosquito Control in Your Yard; best mosquito fogger





Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger; best mosquito fogger






Earth Choice 700069-1 Fogmaster Jr Hand Held Fogger, For Fogging Deodorizer





This portable ULV fogger from Hudson is built to last.

Whether you want to see off mosquitoes at home or in a commercial setting, the 99598 is a powerful electric model operating on 110V AC power.

It’s a pretty substantial unit with a decent capacity solution tank. A handle and strap are provided to carry this.

Think carefully about how easily you could handle the weight of the Hudson. It comes in at 11 pounds but this can swell to over 20 pounds with a full solution tank.

The adjustable flow rate will kick out particles from 20-45 microns.

This fogger is a smart solution for most indoor and outdoor spraying needs.


  • Inexpensive without sacrificing quality
  • Electric fogger but still powerful
  • ​7.6 liter capacity tank
  • Versatile: use indoors or outside
  • Decent range of 20-45 micron diameter particles


  • Heavy unit coming in at over 20 pounds with loaded tank

Next up is a very cheap propane fogger from Bonide. This firm makes insecticide solutions alongside a range of mosquito foggers and are experts in the field of insect control.

This thermal fogger uses propane gas to vaporize through heating.

It’s an extremely light unit weighing in at under 2 kilos so taking action against unwanted insects need not be hard work.

This fogger does not come with the necessary cylinder provided so you’ll need to buy some propane at the point of purchase so you will be good to go.

You won’t need a lighter or matches with the nifty auto-ignite function.

This unit will provide you with a bulky, dense cloud of fog to get rid of even the most stubborn mosquitoes in a hurry.

For a cheap fogger, the Bonide 420 punches above its weight.


  • Very cheap for a quality unit
  • ​Brand heritage you can trust
  • ​Ultra-lightweight for total convenience
  • Handy auto-ignite feature means no matches or lighter
  • Rich, dense fog to kill most mosquitoes first time


  • Comes with no propane cylinder supplied

Another budget fogger next is the 1443 from Burgess.

This is another ultra-lightweight thermal mosquito fogger powered by propane gas.

The durable plastic means the 1443 will give you plenty of service but is light and easy to handle at the same time.

An ergonomic handle makes wielding the fogger straightforward.

The standard 40-ounce solution container is advisable to use with Black Flag insecticide.

Large and thick dry fog will do its job even among leafy foliage and thick bushes.

If you are looking for a nimble, portable way to deliver your mosquito solution, this thermal fogger from Burgess is certainly worth popping on the shortlist.


  • Very cheap for excellent brand
  • Lightweight so can use anywhere no problem
  • ​Decent 40-ounce capacity for solution
  • ​Easy to use and carry
  • ​Great for use even when the brush is thick
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Plastic parts

4) Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger

A ULV fogger up next from Tri Jet.

This model is targeted at home users but you could easily use it for small commercial projects too.

You can comfortably use this fogger both indoors and outside.

It’s quite a heavy unit at almost 6 kilos and the 4.5-liter capacity of the tank means you can enjoy prolonged sessions of pest control without needing to refill.

Despite this size and weight, the Tri Jet is pretty easy to hump around with a handy carrying handle on top.

You can send out your vaporized solution up to 9 meters with a particle size of 15-30 microns. There are three action nozzles to adjust this with.

Although it’s not the cheapest fogger on the market, the Tri Jet is a top-notch unit with a wide variety of applications. Whatever your pest control requirements, if you’re looking to get the job done fuss-free, look closely at this mosquito fogger.


  • Reasonably priced for spec
  • Good for home or commercial projects
  • ​Versatile for indoor or outdoor usage
  • ​Outstanding tank capacity at 4.5 liters
  • ​Heavy and sizable but easy to carry
  • ​Great particle range of 15-30 microns diameter
  • ​5-year limited warranty for peace of mind
  • Highly flexibile fogger


  • Bulky unit

5) Earth Choice 700069-1 Fogmaster Jr Hand Held Fogger

We’ll round out our look at the 5 mosquito foggers with a hand held and very cheap fogger that still delivers fine results.

It’s another ULV fogger so it’s a cold approach to generating a vapor.

You can easily tweak the flow and you’ll be able to produce particles in the range of 15-40 microns, ideal for attacking mosquitoes.

This fogger is very easy to carry around but it does produce a fair amount of noise. Think carefully about how and where you will work with it.

You’ll get a nice mixture of spraying distance married with power with this fogger. You can hit 3 meters at maximum power.

Although it suffers from a slightly limited tank capacity, if you’re looking for a cheap but highly effective mosquito sprayer from a reputable manufacturer, the Fogmaster Jr is a flexible and useful piece of kit.


  • Very cheap
  • ​Great range of 15-40 microns
  • ​Decent distance and power combination
  • ​Lightweight and highly portable
  • ​Can be used indoors or outside
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Limited tank capacity at less than 1 liter
  • Quite noisy

When to Schedule Gardening into Your Day

Having a gardening schedule built into your day is super important. It all depends on how often you decide you will tend to your garden. When you are just starting out, it can be a very needy thing that requires a lot of attention on your part.

This stage will not last forever, but it is vital that you nurture it in the beginning. There are ways to build that practical schedule into your day that won't get in the way of family time or work time. You just need to find the right time for you.


If you decide that gardening in the morning is what you want to do, this can be an easy practice to build into your morning routine. First, take stock of what it already consists of. What do you do in the morning right now? Maybe you get up, work out, shower, make breakfast, and then wake the kids up for school.

A good rule of thumb for gardening is to use it as a workout, so instead of working out, you can tend to the garden. That way, you don't have to switch up your schedule and you are still getting a hard work out in. Most people don't garden every single day, so you will still have days of the week where you dedicate yourself to other kinds of workouts like cardio or weight lifting.

Pro tip: find something that can be swapped out with gardening in your current routine.


If you are a stay at home mom or a work from home professional (or a work from home mom), then you can build gardening into your schedule easily. if you are a parent of little kids, decide to the garden during nap time. Gardening can take up that time slot easily, and if you tend to it frequently enough, you will also have time for other activities you want to do during nap time like cleaning the house or meal prepping.

If you are a work at home professional like me, you may want to take a one-hour lunch break or take a 15-minute break to get your body moving throughout the day. I know it can be very hard to move my body when I work at home because there is this pull to sit down and get things done, but we work better and are more focused when we move periodically. it is also the healthiest option.

Pro tip: Gardening does not need to take all day. 15-30 minutes can get the job done if you are consistent with it.


This is when many people garden. For most, by the time you get home from work, the sun may already be going down. The solution to this is getting some good outside lights. Another good solution is to get outside as soon as you get home and get in the garden. This will help you to streamline the process. Maybe your spouse can take over meal prep while you garden, then you cook. Or your kids can do the dishes and you go to the garden.

Pro tip: get good outside lights that cover your garden.

Redirect Your Thoughts with Positive Self-Talk

When you begin to feel that sneaky desire to push it off or forget about it for the day, use “but”. Rethinking and rewiring our brains is happens when we use this statement to redirect ourselves. When those negative thoughts begin to creep in, use the word “but” to disrupt it. say something like "even though I'm not feeling excited about gardening because I'm tired, I know I will feel better after I do it!". Positive self-talk is a really helpful strategy for anything

Suspend Distractions

Restructure your environment or your days so you won't fall into time-sucking traps in the first thirty days. Sometimes this means putting the alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up and turn it off in the morning when you are supposed to be gardening, and you can't just snooze it.

This means setting hours on your phone where your social media is turned off so you can't get lost in the pointless talk and get involved in your own life. This might mean having to cancel some of your favorite tv channels because you are filling your time with gardening instead. Find what this means for you and get rid of it altogether, especially in the beginning when the habit is still forming.

After it is formed and it comes more naturally in your routine, you can begin adding these distractions back in, in small and controlled ways, of course. We all struggle with willpower when beginning a new hobby or trying to form a habit. The most important thing is having a game plan when temptations come out way later on.

Know the Benefits

In order to really stick to a habit, especially when the going gets tough, you are going to have to really know the reasons you started doing it in the first place. Round up as many of the benefits as you can about gardening, and take note of all of them as you are gardening. Write them down in a journal and read them The benefits of gardening are endless, so make sure you keep them in mind as you begin to chisel gardening into your schedule regularly.

Give Yourself Grace

You can begin implementing any habit with the knowledge that at some point, you will not follow through entirely. There will be at least a handful of days where you put it off, other things take first place, you need to get other things done instead, or you just are not feeling it. Give yourself the ability to redeem those moments. Don't beat yourself up for them. It is not the end of the world, so do not give up on creating this habit. After all, tomorrow you get to wake up to a new day and try again.

Best Mosquito Fogger Reviews: Wrap-Up

Once you have analyzed which type is the best mosquito fogger that you want and where you will use it, investing on one of these units can be a very wise purchase if you have an outbreak of mosquitoes or other pests.

Any of the machines on our list is a solid choice so, once you know how and where you will use it, you can simply set yourself a budget and buy in line with this with absolute confidence.

We hope you have enjoyed these reviews about the best mosquito fogger reviews.

Drop us a line if you have any questions or if you have any feedback. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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