Best Log Splitter Reviews 2017

If you have a wood burning fire at home, are you are tired of cutting up your wood with an axe? Here we look at log splitters as a solution to that problem and we will review some of the best log splitters on the market for you.

Take all the sting out of heavy manual labor by investing in one of these simple but ingenious devices.

Before we get down to some honest reviews, we’ll take a look at some simple facts about these time-saving tools.


Log Splitter Basics

Think of a log splitter as a type of mechanical axe. The axe is obviously the tried and true method of breaking up wood but with a log splitter you can do the job much more swiftly and without expending any meaningful effort.

Best Log Splitter Reviews 2016

These handy tools really couldn’t be much easier to use. To strip it down to brass tacks, all you need to do is press a button or pull a lever and the log splitter will shoulder the load.

Pressure is applied via a wedge which is perfectly sufficient to split your logs asunder. The older style models required you to maintain a run of speed but this is no longer the case.

As with any product today, you can find a wide range of models catering for the casual home user right through to those working in heavy industry.

Before we briefly review some of the leading log splitters, here are a few more fundamentals to think about…

1. Log Sizes

  • Check out the size of the logs you need to work with. Some log splitters are designed for wood of certain sizes. Others respond best to wood of a given hardness. A few versions are focused on diameter and length. Do your homework and ensure you choose the correct model for your needs

2. Combustion or Electric?

  • Combustion powered log splitters – diesel or petrol – tend to kick off much more power than electric alternatives. Since they are cordless, combustion splitters are better suited to working outside in fields. The drawback comes when working inside. Emissions can be unhealthy or even toxic. If you work indoors then plump for an electric log splitter instead. This type is also, obviously, much quieter

3. Hydraulics

  • Nowadays, most log splitter use a hydraulic system to force wood into the wedge. Unlike manual axes, this makes use of force in place of impact meaning that high pressure is needed. This situation can lead to oil leaks and a damaged piece of kit. Pay close attention to the filtration system

4. Horizontal or Vertical?

  • Horizontal log splitters work most effectively with lighter logs. This variant is also a smart choice if you will work on inclines. For larger logs, opt for the vertical splitter. Some machinery can operate in both directions so think about your specific needs and choose accordingly

5. Safety

  • There should be no safety issues if this equipment is correctly handled. Ensure that your selected model has dual redundancy. This simply means that both hands need to be clear of the wedge as the wood’s being split or the ram is moving

6. Mobility

  • The best log splitters will come with a handle and wheels to ensure they can be easily and effortlessly moved around


Now that you are equipped with the rudiments of log splitters, we’ll take a look at some of the best log splitters available on the market today.

​Best 5 Log Splitters Reviews On The Market

Think about exactly what you require from this tool and make sure you get the correct model.

This log splitter from Champion is a gas-fuelled 7-ton model complete with hydraulic system. The 80cc engine is highly reliable.


  • Horizontal operation
  • 20 second (no load) cycle time
  • Never-flat wheels
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Automatic cylinder return

Its core purpose is to split logs for firewood. Take note that you can only split wood lengthwise and also in the direction of the grain. This is clearly written in the instruction manual so make sure that this limitation will not be a problem.

You will, though, be able to split fairly heavy logs without undue difficulty. The 90720 sits low to the ground and has integrated log cradles to assist with heavy-duty cutting like this. You can cut logs maxing out at 19.3 inches long.

This is a handy, portable unit with tires that will not go flat and let you down along with a useful handle.

The wedge is made on the skew which leads to more effective splitting.

You need at least 7 feet clearance from all flammable materials with 3 feet left all around for the purposes of cooling.

The 90720 is expressly designed for outdoor usage so it’s not suitable for working with in enclosed spaces. In the worst scenario, improper use could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning so, again, ensure that this gels with your habits.

The full cycle time is a rapid 20 seconds. 180 cycles can be generated each hour.

The Champion log splitter comes with a limited 2-year warranty in addition to technical support offered free of charge for the product’s lifetime.

Whether it’s for work or play, you can rely on Champion to produce solid, well-built equipment which will last the test of time. Say goodbye to your axe and say hello to the 90720.

This electric-powered hydraulic log splitter from Boss has 7 tons of splitting force.


  • Horizontal operation
  • Able to use one-handed
  • Long-lasting motor
  • Automatic ram return
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Easy electric button start

This model has a fixed blade against which you push your logs.

Convenience is uppermost as the Boss can be operated with one hand. Rhythm is made easier due to the automatic ram return. Just be careful of your free hand!

As with many log splitters, the hydraulic oil needs to be changed pretty frequently. It prefers AW32 universal oil. If you do use other fluids then be certain not to mix them. If you can get hold of AW32 this will ensure optimum performance.

You can comfortably split logs up to 20.5 inches long and 10 inches in diameter. It’s another horizontal machine which will not work vertically.

If you run into problems with harder logs then here’s a useful tip: just turn off the motor, return the ram to the starting point and try again. Most users report a seamless experience even with harder logs.

You will enjoy a 2-year residential warranty. This extends to just 90 days if you intend to undertake commercial operations so be warned… In spite of the name, this log splitter is unlikely to stand up to hardcore use.

If, on the other hand, you are a home user and want something affordable, portable and reasonably durable, the Boss ES7T20 is a smart choice.

Next up is a budget-conscious two-handed splitter from WEN.


  • Two-handed operation
  • Ultra-reliable 2HP motor
  • Fast and quiet cold starting
  • Built-in guide/log cradle
  • Very portable

This electric log splitter uses a fixed blade just like the Boss. Although it’s slightly less powerful with only 6 tons of force available, it’s also markedly cheaper so for those on a budget it’s well worth considering.

Although the one-handed versions offer a certain convenience and freedom, being forced to use both hands promotes safety. This should not be overlooked when operating machinery like log splitters.

The cradle keeps logs in place as they approach the blade. Not only does this make the splitter simpler to use but also reduces the likelihood of being hit by a rogue flying log.

You’ll be able to deal with logs of 20.5 inches in length and 10 inches across, pretty standard for this type of machine.

Regular use over a 2-year period is covered by the warranty.

Be sure to open the vent valve when you are running the machine and to close it when it’s stashed away. This is not clearly labeled and if you fail to do this you may damage the hydraulics.

The manual is unclear and quite poorly written.

Overall, users report a positive experience so if cash is tight, you have modest cutting needs and enjoy the two-handed operation, this well-reviewed log splitter merits investigation.

If your needs extend to a commercial log splitter which is both heavy-duty and towable, this marvelous offering from Dirty Hand Tools might be precisely what you’ve been looking for.


  • 22-Ton cutting force
  • Both horizontal and vertical cutting possible
  • 11 second cycle time
  • 8 inch foot plate, removable stripper plates
  • 16 inch OD road tires
  • Highly durable heat-treated steel

If you work in farming or landscaping environments and you want a log splitter from a homegrown American company working out of Colorado, think seriously about checking out the 100171 from Dirty Hand Tools.

This model is not cheap but 22 tons of cutting force doesn’t come without a cost. The upside, though, is that it will cut through the hardest and knottiest wood without any hassle at all.

If you decide to take up the optional catcher accessory, the split logs will be caught for you allowing you to focus on feeding more in for breaking up.

You can cut logs of up to 25 inches without a problem but there is no specified maximum diameter.

The gas engine means you will not be limited to power points and it’s designed to be towed on the road. Take great care that sparks from the engine do not become a fire hazard if you are working in areas with dry bush. One precaution if you work in such zones is to purchase a spark arrestor for the exhaust.

Versatility is a real advantage with this model because you can cut both horizontally and vertically.

So… this Dirty Hand Tools log splitter may be a little on the expensive side and is far from portable but for those with heavy duty commercial needs and a budget to match, the raw power and speed of use mean you will not be disappointed. It should be thought of as a worthwhile business investment.

Finishing out these best log splitter reviews is a middle of the road option from the reputable Boss.


  • Stand built-in
  • Heavy duty log racks
  • Superb professional grade hydraulics
  • One-handed operation
  • 2-way splitting
  • Large operator zone

This electric wood splitter exerts a force of 10 tons meaning it’s great for casual or more extended use.

The stand which is included makes for extremely comfortable log splitting.

An innovative dual-split design means that you do not need to wait for the hydraulic ram to return. Simply pop in another log and split back in the other direction.

The 2.5HP electric motor is potent and quiet. The 3200PSI hydraulic system is first rate.

The Boss is surprisingly portable for such a rugged machine and with high density wheels and an ergonomic handle, it’s a breeze to move around as needed.

You’ll be able to split logs up to 20.5 inches long and of up to 12 inches in diameter which should cater for most people’s requirements.

The warranty is good for 2 years so you can work away with complete peace of mind.

If you do not want a true industrial behemoth but know you like to split lots of wood, often heavy and dense, then have a good look into the Boss ED10T20. It’s somewhere between a home machine and a commercial rig so think carefully about your needs and if you want some power and performance without breaking the bank, roll with this model.


As with any product you buy, it pays to fully analyze your needs first and foremost. Knowing what, exactly, you require helps you to avoid making the wrong choice.

Read through as many user reviews as you can and check out websites like ours so you can learn as much as possible. Take your time and research well then buy with confidence.

One closing note on buying a log splitter…

It’s well worth investing in some work gloves and safety goggles to guarantee a nice, safe working environment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about log splitters or any other issues.


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