Best Folding Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

Saws come in many different shapes and sizes depending on their intended purpose.

You might want a pole saw or a pruning saw to keep on top of unruly shrubbery and foliage in the garden.

If you need to chop up some logs for firewood in a hurry, perhaps you’ll reach for a chainsaw instead.

How about if you want to take your saw out and about?

Folding saws are becoming more and popular for this purpose. From bushcraft to survival saws, from camping to pruning, there are many applications for these nifty tools.

Using Folding Saw

Today, we’ll look at 5 folding saw reviews so you can get the right fit for your needs.

Before that, we’ll walk you through what to look out for if you want the best folding saw for your money.

We will also take a glance at the issue of pruning itself.

What Is A Folding Saw?

The saws we will look at today are all forms of handheld pruning saw that fold neatly in half. This gives you the functionality of a hardcore pruning tool along with more flexibility.

Safety and convenience are the twin selling points for folding models.

What should you think about when you are on the trail of the folding saw?

What To Look For When Buying a Folding Saw


Most folding saws come with either a curved blade or a straight blade. They are each good for different purposes.

  • Curved Blade: Small branches
  • Straight Blade: Larger branches

Blades come with different numbers of teeth. These are usually listed as teeth per inch for a uniform measurement.

Think carefully about the type of cutting and pruning you’ll be undertaking. Choose a folding saw with an appropriate blade for your requirements.


The last thing you need when working in the garden is uncomfy tools. Pruning should not leave you with blisters and sore hands.

Look for a nicely balanced saw with a comfortable, ergonomic handle. Think about the size of your hand and how well it will fit your chosen saw.

With so many well-designed folding saws on the market, there’s no excuse to get one that lets you down on the comfort front.

Left or Right Handed

If you are left-handed, you might run into problems with a number of garden tools. These are generally designed for right-handed users.

Some folding saws have locks which are hard work to operate if you’re left-handed.

Try to test the saw in question before you buy. Even if you plan to pick up your saw online, there’s nothing to stop you popping to the garden center to see how it feels in your hand.

Size: Length of Blade

Folding saws are readily available with blades of many different lengths.

Only you know how bulky or compact you want your saw to be.

Again, think seriously about what sort of cutting you have in mind and where you plan to store your saw when not in use.

There’s no right or wrong answer to the issue of size. All that counts here is getting the appropriate length for your needs.

Folding Saw For Survival

If you are looking to buy the folding saw for survival, here are a few simple pointers to help you double down on the most appropriate option…

  • Build quality should be uppermost when you are researching the folding saw for survival purposes. It will need to stand up to rough treatment and being battered around in your backpack
  • Lightness and portability come close behind. Opt for something that you can slip away into a small space and carry without it weighing you down
  • Since you are unlikely to be in a position to access a sharpener, look for a folding saw with outstanding edge retention. You’ll want your saw sharp when you need it most
  • Medium-sized tools with perhaps 8 or 9 teeth per inch make a versatile all-rounder for survival situations
  • Think about the type of wood you’re most likely to be cutting. Large-toothed blades work best for cutting softer wood while fine-toothed saws are the best fit for harder wood

Pruning Basics

If you want your folding saw for gardening more than survival, we’ll look briefly at the subject of pruning before heading to our reviews.

What Is Pruning?

A crucial element of plant maintenance, pruning is something you should master.

By removing specific parts of plants and shrubs, you can encourage superior growth.

Most pruning tackles the branches or shoots. You can also prune fruits, plant roots and flower buds.

Why Should You Prune?

There are several important reasons behind pruning:

  • To control how your plants look. Some plants grow out of control and need cutting back to better suit the landscape. If you want to cut down the tops of your trees or prevent roots from becoming too large, pruning is critical
  • To improve the health of your plants. By removing any diseased or dying areas of the plant, you can stop any decay from spreading. You will also promote better air circulation and light if you keep on top of your pruning duties
  • To encourage the growth of younger plants. If you take the trouble to cut back young plants, you can more easily control their growth patterns
  • To breathe life into older plants or trees. If you notice any old trees that are limping along or plants that are becoming withered, try pruning as a last resort. It might well stimulate them back to life
  • To promote flower growth. Flowers and fruit trees often benefit from pruning to bolster vegetative growth. With fruits, pruning can even help them to grow larger over time

How To Prune Properly

Pruning with a folding saw couldn’t be easier.

  1. Wear suitable clothing for the job. Ditch the shorts and T-shirt if you plan to prune your thorny roses. Grab some gloves and goggles along with your secateurs or folding saw and you’re good to go
  2. Think carefully in advance of what you want to cut and what you plan to avoid. Taking your time at this stage can prevent any mishaps
  3. Take your time when pruning and be sure that you are not overstretching yourself. If you need to grab a small step-ladder or stool, this is much better than straining yourself
  4. Prune heavy growth on branches rather than trying to cut through the whole thing first. The last thing you want is a heavy branch tumbling down and catching you on the head
  5. When it comes to cutting, kick off with a starting groover. Work inside this groove for smooth, accurate cuts. Cutting takes place on the pull stroke so cut with care and precision


Now you are fully armed with the facts, you can check out our 5 folding saw detail reviews. Without undue effort, you can get yourself the folding saw for your circumstances.

5 Folding Saw Reviews

Product Name


Number of TeethPer Inch

Length of Blade(inches)


Our Rating




8 1/3


Editor Choice

Corona Razor Tooth RS 7265D

Corona Razor Tooth RS 7265D






Fiskars 9368





Bahco Laplander

Bahco Laplander


7 ½









First off on our list of the folding saws is an industry champion, the GOMBOY from Silky.

This folding saw is available in several sizes for varying needs. The one we are reviewing has a blade 8 1/3 inches in length.

There are 8.5 teeth per inch which makes this saw great for most pruning and simple landscaping projects. The blade is made from alloy steel and retains a great cutting point.

The handle is extremely comfy. It’s made from padded rubber and suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. The blade lock is spring loaded and highly reliable.

You’ll get a transparent hinged carrying case thrown in for good measure.

If you want a convenient, one-stop cutting solution, the Silky GOMBOY is a best-seller with very good reason.


  • Superb build quality
  • Versatile saw at 8 1/3 inches: perfect combination of performance and portability
  • 8.5 teeth per inch for maximum cutting flexibility
  • Handle very comfortable with 2 positions to assist tight pruning
  • Works well for left-handers and right-handers so great for all users
  • Performs well cutting green or dry wood


  • Not the cheapest option
  • Blade does not lock into closed position so do not just throw it in your bag and hope for the best

Next up in our reviews is a superb 10-inch model from Corona. This razor-tooth, curved blade is also available in a smaller 8-inch version.

You’ll get 7 teeth per inch with the curved design for truly efficient pruning. The teeth are sharpened at 3 different angles allowing you to cut all types of wood with ease.

Some folding saws are portable enough but difficult to handle comfortably when wearing safety gloves. The Corona has a large handle to sidestep this issue. Say goodbye to discomfort and blisters with the RS 7265D.

Releasing the blade is as simple as flicking a button. This can be easily reached and operated even when wearing gloves.

There’s no case or sheath supplied with this model so make sure you store it very carefully.

For a no-nonsense, utilitarian folding saw that won’t cost the earth, think seriously about the RS 7265D. It will not disappoint.


  • 10-inch blade with 7 teeth per inch curved for great cutting power and accuracy
  • Polymer plastic grip feels comfortable even after extended use
  • Large handle perfect for wearing gloves
  • User-friendly blade release by simply pressing a button
  • Great value for money
  • Bright red so you won’t lose it in a hurry


  • No sheath or case
  • Nut holding hinge mechanism can work loose

Fiskars offer great tools at seriously keen prices. This 7-inch folding saw is no exception.

Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on equipment they won’t use that often. If you think that your folding saw will only get an occasional outing, the 9368 from Fiskars makes a smart choice.

The triple-ground teeth are a result of Fiskars using a PowerTooth blade manufacturing system. The result is a blade that can make very light work of most wood it encounters.

The grip is comfortable enough and designed so your hand will not slip as you prune away. This combination of comfort and safety is a winner.

If you are in the market for a very cheap folding saw that won’t come apart in your hands the first time you use it, check out this great option from Fiskars.


  • Extremely cheap without sacrificing quality
  • Incredibly portable for your convenience
  • Great build quality
  • Triple-ground teeth for hardcore cutting
  • Very reliable for a folding saw


  • Blade does feel slightly flimsy

Bahco have a reputation for manufacturing top-tier products without charging excessively. The Laplander is a perfect example of this.

If you want a folding saw that’s fit for survival and bushcraft rather than just light pruning in the garden, the Laplander fits the bill. It’s extremely compact and lightweight while still boasting rugged performance.

The 7 ½-inch blade is populated with 7 teeth per inch. Whether you want to slice through green wood or dry wood, even bone, these teeth will serve you well.

XT toothing gives you hardened teeth that won’t rust or corrode. Due to the way in which they have been hardened, conventional sharpening is not an option. You’ll need to swap out the blades instead. This is very easily done by simply loosening a screw.

With a belt and wrist lanyard thrown in, the Laplander represents outstanding value for money.

If you are camping, walking the trail or enjoy bushcraft, the Bahco Laplander is an absolute must-have for all your cutting needs.


  • XT toothing makes light work of all wood and even bone
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Stainless steel blade won’t rust or corrode
  • Blade will cut in both directions for maximum efficiency
  • Comfy handle to suit all sizes
  • Belt and wrist lanyard provided for your safety


  • Blades need replacing rather than sharpening so factor in the expense of news blades

Rounding out our look at the folding saws on the market is a nifty 8-incher from EverSaw.

If you want a folding saw you can use equally well in the garden or when you’re camping, the EverSaw offers you all you need.

The carbon steel blade is light without any loss of performance. As with the Bahco, the hardened teeth mean that you’ll need to exchange the blade when it starts to dull.

This blade will fold nicely into the handle so you don’t have any security worries when you are carrying it in your bag.

The final motivator to buy this folding saw is the lifetime guarantee giving you complete confidence. If a manufacturer backs their product like this, you know you are buying something worthwhile.

For a real all-rounder of a folding saw, you’ll be hard pressed to beat this great model from EverSaw. For light pruning in the garden or heavier cutting on the trail, this is a strong contender for the folding saw you can find.


  • 8-inch blade has impressive 9 teeth per inch
  • Blade folds fully into the handle so throw it in your backpack without worrying
  • Carbon steel blade cuts all types of wood and harder materials like bone or PVC with ease
  • Works well in the garden or out on the trail: highly versatile
  • Lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind


  • Friction can be problematic with some materials requiring more effort to cut through
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