Best Commercial Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Reviews

Maintaining large lawns is hard work.

Or, it can be.

You could get yourself a conventional mower and make sure the blades are sharp. The problem is, though, mowing big expanses of grass is hard work. And that’s before you’ve even thought about breaking out the weed eater to edge and finish nicely.

One straightforward solution is to invest in the best commercial zero-turn lawn mower.

Using Zero-Turn Commercial Lawn Mower

Whether you have sprawling lawns at home or you want to use your mower for commercial projects, these awesome riding mowers are incredible labor-saving devices.

They might not be cheap but the best things in life rarely are.


What Is a Commercial Zero-Turn Lawn Mower?

A ZTR, or commercial zero-turn  lawn mower, is a riding mower fit for heavy use with an extremely tight turning circle.

A traditional lawn mower or garden tractor simply doesn’t offer the same degree of maneuverability you’ll find with a ZTR.

These mowers were originally targeted at lawn companies and landscapers. As homes have got bigger, so these ZTRs have become more popular for residential use. Not only can you mow more quickly and efficiently, these zero-turns are now much more affordable.

How Do Commercial Zero-Turn  Lawn Mowers Work?

Generally, these commercial ZTRs have 2 levers in place of a steering wheel. These are called lap bars. These move forwards and backwards much like those on an excavator.

Each back wheel is controlled by a separate transmission. You move them independently using the lap bar. Pushing the bars forward or backward together affects the speed and direction of your mower.

It’s through this independent control of the rear wheels that you’ll get such tight turning and audacious maneuverability.

If the idea of these lap bars intimidates you, simply opt for a model featuring a standard steering wheel.

Different Types of Zero-Turn Mower

These awesome cutting machines come in many configurations.

From the method of control through the blade mount system, there’s something for everyone.

  • Lap Bar
  • Steering Wheel
  • Stand-On
  • Joystick
  • Mid-Mount
  • Front-Mount

Lap Bar

The vast bulk of zero-turn lawn mowers for commercial use feature lap bar controls.

Pushing both bars forward or backward together sets you in motion. Manipulating them in different directions lets you perform tight zero-turns. Neutral is reserved for the brake.

Don’t be intimidated by these controls. It will take a short while to become accustomed to them then you’ll be carving around the lawn like a pro.

Steering Wheel

If you will be mowing on a hill or you simply dislike the idea of lap bars, opt for a regulation steering wheel.

These are controlled exactly like a car with a gas pedal for forward and reverse and a simple brake to bring you to a halt.

With the front wheels digging in nicely on hills, this type if best if you plan to work on steep gradients.


For many commercial applications, stand-on mowers fit the bill perfectly.

There is a standing platform in place of a seat. Levers offer incredibly accurate control.

With the blades at the front and the turning axis set quite far back, executing a genuine zero-turn is a bit more challenging with a stand-on mower.

That said, if you want a fast and mobile mower for commercial use, it’s worth considering a stand-on model.


Many really substantial commercial mowers use a joystick rather than lap bars or a steering wheel.

These are not generally used for residential purposes.


The deck of these mid-mount mowers is somewhere around the center, normally under the seat. This positioning helps with true zero-turns.

If your yard has lots of obstacles, it’s a smart move to think about a mid-mount for a winning combination of precision and performance.


If you are a landscaper aiming to work on large and flat expanses of grass with few trees or other obstructions, a front-mount mower is a great solution.

With the deck near the front, you can get enhanced traction and easily turn on a dime.

The floating deck means these mowers deliver outstanding results on uneven terrain.

Light Commercial Mowers

These entry-level commercial mowers are a step up from garden tractors. They’re built run long and hard.

You’ll be able to mow about 4 acres per hour and hit 8-10mph top speed.

These are ideal both for homeowners with large lawns and contractors looking to mow 25 yards a week.

Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

If you have a landscaping business or you’re a commercial mower, these powerful zero-turns are the optimum solution.

With larger engines capable of 15mph and an improved ride, you can enjoy maneuverability without sacrificing speed.

What To Look For When Buying a Commercial Zero-Turn Lawn Mower


Good engines don’t come cheap.

You can get a cheaper single cylinder or a V-Twin. The V-Twin not only has more power but it runs more efficiently, vibrates less and kicks out fewer emissions.

If you have long, thick grass to cut on a regular basis, a powerful engine is a must. The same is true if you want to cut at an impressive rate.

Powerful engines are advisable if you are working on hills. The added horsepower will come in handy and a mower with a great engine is a very worthwhile investment.

Deck: Size

The larger the deck, the more grass you can deal with in a single pass.

Think about your specific needs. There’s no sense going for a giant mower if you really need maneuverability in a smaller space. Equally, you don’t want the smallest model for heavy commercial use across countless sprawling lawns.

Consider, too, that if you opt for a larger deck, it will be much more expensive due to the engine required.

Be honest about your requirements and choose a deck size in line with your needs.

Deck: Stamped or Fabricated

There are 2 main types of deck:

  • Stamped
  • Fabricated


Stamped decks are lightweight steel. They are generally best for mulching or bagging.


Far more common in the best commercial zero-turn mowers are fabricated decks.

These are much more rigid and built to stay the distance. The deck is made from welded plate steel.

ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure)

Let’s face it, rolling your mower is always a possibility. You hope it doesn’t happen but it might.

With a roll over protection structure (ROPS), you can help yourself in the event of an accident. Working with your seatbelt, these ROPSs reduce your chance of being crushed if the mower accidentally turns over.


Hopefully now you have a thorough understanding of what to look out for. We’ll move on to our commercial zero-turn  lawn mower reviews so you can see what looks like the best fit for your requirements.

5 Best Commercial Zero-Turn  Lawn Mower Reviews

First up in our look at the best commercial zero-turn mowers is a hard-hitting effort from the industry giant Husqvarna.

With a 61-inch fabricated deck, this mower is suitable for 2 or more acres. It’s good for home or commercial use.

The V-Twin Briggs and Stratton engine develops 27HP and is more than able of providing this mower with all the raw power and torque a heavy machine needs.

You’ll get 3 stainless blades to make very light work of even large areas.

With lap bars for added maneuverability and a hydrostatic gear system, this is certainly a strong contender for the best zero-turn mower.

The downside of a larger machine like this 61-incher is that you do lose slightly on the tightness of turns you can pull off.

If you think you have the cutting projects for this 770-pound beast, the Husqvarna MZ61 is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Next up is another substantial ZTR from the lesser-known Ariens brand.

As with all commercial mowers, price is relative. Although this isn’t the most affordable mower you’ll come across, this model’s 24HP Kohler 7000 Series engine and Dual Hydro Gear ZT2800 hydrostatic transmissions might just make it worth the investment.

Engaging the blades is a breeze with the electronic power take-off.

The 52-inch deck is fabricated and features three premium blades. With this deck you can cut large areas of grass at once, saving a great deal of time over smaller mowers.

If you want a winning combination of zero-turn mobility and a rugged, powerful mower, think seriously about the Ariens IKON-XL. It will not disappoint.

Weighing 770 pounds, the IKON-XL really is a powerhouse.

Ariens offers a three-year limited warranty and 90-day limited warranty for residential and commercial use, respectively. So whether you plan to use this zero turn mower at your home or for business, you can purchase with a little extra peace-of-mind.

Swisher ZTR2760BS Response 27HP B&S ZTR Mower

You can take a look here:

Next in line for our best commercial zero-turn mowers is the ZTR2454BS from the extremely reputable Swisher.

This mower is certainly not cheap, but it does deliver a superb mix of power, durability and overall performance and is manufactured by a brand you can trust.

The 54-inch deck is more than enough for two or more acres. Plus, the three mulching blades scythe through even long and thick grasses.

The commercially-rated Briggs and Stratton engine is more potent than most mowers in this class. At 24HP, you’ll have all the power you need right at your fingertips.

You can achieve speeds of up to 8 MPH both forward and in reverse. The Hydro Gear 2800 transmission is smooth and easy to use in all conditions.

The heavy-duty steel frame on the Swisher is built to endure heavy-duty commercial use. And if you use this zero turn mower at home, it will last a lifetime.

This mower features electric start and power take-off for extreme ease-of-use.

For a commercial zero turn mower than punches above its weight, check out the Swisher. You won’t be disappointed.

Another Husqvarna enters the challenge for the best commercial zero-turn lawn mower.

This 52-inch deck is much smaller than that of the MZ61. If you prize maneuverability in tight spots over sheer power, this 52-incher hits the spot.

The fabricated deck and welded frame are extremely durable.

You can adjust the cutting height easily. The deck lifting system is very user-friendly.

The pneumatic tires give you a cushioned ride.

You use lap bars to control the mower.

With a 25HP engine from Briggs and Stratton, you’ll have enough grunt for even heavy projects.

Whether you’ve got a home with a huge lawn or run a landscaping business, Husqvarna serves you up with an awesome zero-turn lawn mower that’s fit for even prolonged and heavy use.

Rounding out our commercial zero-turn lawn mower reviews is this Ariens 34-inch model.

While this commercial zero turn mower isn’t as large as some of its competitors, it can still pack a punch for both home and business use.

If you have light cutting duties and a tight budget, this mower can meet all of your needs without the unnecessary size and weight of some of the other models on our list.

Despite its smaller size, though, this mower still packs quite the punch. The 19HP KOHLERÂ 6000 Series engine will take you anywhere you want it to go. You can even cut in reverse as needed.

All in all, this Ariens zero turn mower is great for those wanting something a bit heftier for their home lawn or small lawn care contractors needing something a bit more nimble than its competitors.


We hope you have enjoyed these commercial zero-turn lawn mower reviews. They should make your buying decision a little easier.

The best commercial zero-turn lawn mower is the smart solution if you have huge expanses of grass to keep tip-top.

Get in touch any time if you have any feedback or questions at all. We’re more than happy to help.

Now get that grass in shape!

As always, feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback. We’re always ready to help in any way we can.

Happy mowing!

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