Best Brush Mower Reviews and Buying Guide

Gardening duties span from relaxing to extremely hard work.

Pulling weeds or doing some gentle pruning with your trimming scissors can be a pleasant way to spend the day.

When it comes to more heavyweight gardening projects, you’ll need to get yourself some suitable tools.

Just as you might need a chainsaw to cut your firewood or a pond pump to keep your water tip-top, sometimes you need to invest in tools.

Today, we’ll look at best brush mower reviews.

If you have serious cutting work to undertake, one of these extremely powerful walk-behind mowers is a smart solution. You can also get a combination mower/lawn trimmer so you are spoiled for choice.

Using Brush Mower

What Choices Do You Have For Heavy Cutting?

As cutting duties take on many forms, think about exactly what you need to do and how often.

Brush mowers come with many different names. They are often called field cutters or walk-behind mowers. These look just like a regular lawnmower. They are powered with very capable gas engines and can deal with a wide range of cutting needs.

The other solution you have for dealing with brush is a trimmer mower or lawn trimmer. In many ways, these are like a hybrid between a conventional brush mower and a handheld weedeater or string trimmer. They are also wheeled and can deal with even hardcore weeds, shrubs and foliage.

There’s no right or wrong answer for which type of brush mower will suit you most. Think about how and where you will use it.

Explore our reviews so you can get a good idea of the pros and cons of each variety.

What Is A Brush Mower?

Whatever form it takes, whether it’s a wheeled appliance like a normal lawn mower or the hybrid version including string line for cutting, a brush mower is a versatile tool.

Brush mowers come into their own for a variety of tasks.

  • Cutting badly overgrown and neglected grass
  • Getting rid of weeds
  • Dealing with saplings
  • Clearing ditches
  • Working in deep undergrowth

The type of brush mower you buy should reflect the projects you expect to undertake.

We try here to outline a range of different clearing solutions for you. Choose the one that best meshes with your needs.

Tips For Clearing Overgrown Spaces

With the best will in the world, sometimes areas of a large garden become neglected.

It’s all too easy to keep on putting the job off and the next thing you know, you have an uphill struggle. Perhaps the string trimmer alone will not be enough. This is where a brush mower fits the bill.

What Is Your Purpose?

Thinking about your intended end result will help you to move forwards quickly and easily with clearing.

Do you want an expanse of grass or do you want to plant some vegetables?

If you’re clearing a trail rather than gardening at home, will you need to remove any stumps with a chainsaw?

Taking time to think ahead is time well spent.

Get The Large Stuff Cleared First

If you are clearing an area with trees, take care of removing them first. You might use a brush cutter or a nicely sharpened chainsaw.

You can either cut these up for firewood or use them as organic mulch after putting them through the best wood chipper.

Break Out The Brush Mower

Once all the big lumber is out of the way, it’s time to put the brush mower to work.

When there are more weeds than wood, one of the hybrid mowers that uses string line is perhaps the best approach. These are like a beefier, wheeled version of the much lighter and less rugged string trimmers.

Prepare The Land

If you plan to plant some vegetables or grow anything in the cleared area, till it over to mix up the plant matter and soil. This will give it a welcome boost of nitrogen and other valuable nutrients.

Cover with a mulch and leave for a few months. This will see off any residual weeds.


Either plant any seeds or transplant them according to your situation.x


Now you have a good idea about the diverse options at your disposal, it’s time for top 5 brush mower detail reviews.

If you think carefully about what you expect your new tool to do, getting the right variety shouldn’t be too much of a headache.

5 Brush Mower Reviews

Product Name



EngineSize (cc)


Our Rating

Swisher WBRC11524

Brush Mower



Editor Choice

Remington 22-Inch





Husqvarna 961730006





Poulan Pro 961720015





Sarlo High Wheel





First up is a strong contender for the brush mower, the Swisher Predator.

This is absolutely not a mower for everyone. It’s extremely expensive but in return you get a brush mower capable of handling even the roughest jobs.

Although it’s a heavyweight mower, the Swisher is self-propelled so you won’t need to put in much effort to see off any thick grass or brush.

With an extremely capable 11HP engine displacing 344cc, you can harness all gears to deal with even rough brush or really long, thick grass. You’ll even get a reverse gear which comes in handy.

The adjustable handlebar has very user-friendly controls in easy reach. Tires roll well over even uneven or rocky terrain.

If you want a really powerful brush mower that will cut down saplings or clear ditches and fields, take a serious look at the Swisher Predator. It’s not cheap but it’s pretty much the brush mower on the market if your budget permits.


  • Awesome 344cc Briggs and Stratton engine gives you all the power you need developing 11.5HP
  • 4-speed transmission including valuable reverse gear for total flexibility
  • Tires grip well and work on almost all terrain
  • Perfect for stubborn shrubs and other organic material
  • Hardened steel cutting blade is covered for performance and safety
  • Minimal assembly required so get going straight out the box


  • Extremely expensive but in return you’ll get a superb brush mower

Next up is a different kind of brush mower from the mighty Remington.

This 22-inch beauty is a cross between a weedeater, a brush cutter and and a mower.

With a highly capable 159cc engine from Powermore, you’ll get all the power you need with the Remington. It’s no sweat to start with a simple pull cord. The 4-stroke engine is rugged and reliable.

The walk-behind design, comfortable handle and 14-inch wheels means moving the mower around is a breeze.

Taking any kind of string line, you won’t be limited to pricy replacements from a designated source.

The offset trimmer head takes the sting out of accessing hard-to-reach places.

If you want to see off even the most ruthlessly overgrown grass or lingering weeds, the Remington is well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • 159cc Powermore 4-stroke engine delivers superb cutting power
  • Wide 22-inch cutting path to work quickly
  • 14-inch wheels for great mobility
  • Versatile as it uses any string trimmer line
  • Quick and easy to start with cord
  • No hassle to replace the line
  • String line is remarkably tough so deal with stubborn brush and weeds without straining yourself


  • Can be problematic on steep slopes so consider the terrain you’ll be working on

Husqvarna have a well-deserved reputation for delivering performance and durability without breaking the bank. Their products are not the cheapest but they are not expensive either.

If your regular lawn mower won’t reach and a handheld string trimmer is not man enough for the job at hand, this Husqvarna will save the day.

The poky Briggs and Stratton engine is 163cc so you can cut down even lengthy grass or out-of-hand weeds without breaking a sweat.

With a wide cutting path, you can scythe your way through in double-quick time.

The rim can be adjusted quickly and easily from 1.6 inches to 3 inches. Use .155 inch string line for best results.

If you want to keep your garden ship-shape or undertake small commercial projects, think about this Husqvarna. Bid farewell to any unwanted brush and foliage.


  • Brand heritage at a price you can afford
  • Very able 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine for tough cleaning projects
  • Wheels make working on any terrain a cinch
  • Generous 22-inch cutting path so get through those weeds and grass in no time
  • Simple to adjust height of rim
  • Uses .155 inch line to cut down even stubborn undergrowth


  • Watch for weeds sticking in

Before we finish out with another regular brush mower, another hybrid trimmer mower, this time from the legendary Poulan Pro.

You won’t lack for power with this rumbling 190cc engine from Briggs and Stratton. If you need to cut down very overgrown grass or shrubs that have spiraled out of control, the Poulan Pro is a game-winner.

You can alter the cutting height as with most models like this hybrid. Using regular .155 inch line, replacements are cheap and straightforward.

Cutting across 22 inches, you can churn through even more difficult jobs without undue effort.

With the Poulan Pro, you’re covered by a 2-year limited warranty. Why not give it a try and see the back of all those unsightly weeds.


  • 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine ideal for tall grass and shrubs
  • Can tweak cutting height from 1.6 inches to 3.04 inches so nicely flexible
  • Rear wheels roll easily over even rocky and troublesome terrain
  • No need for specialized line, regular .155 inch line will do
  • Cut 22 inches wide to work quickly and easily
  • 2-year limited warranty so buy with total confidence


  • Packaging can be too loose

To round out our reviews, another conventional model from Sarlo.

With this model, you can take care of your regular mowing needs while also being able to blitz any overgrown patches.

With a super-wide 24-inch cutting path, you can churn through even bigger projects without needing all day.

The engine, the usual Briggs and Stratton, is 190cc and offers up a very torquey experience.

The Sarlo really is built to suit professional users as well as home gardeners. The steel deck feels incredibly solid and it’s a very heavy, long-lasting unit.

If you want to clear any unattractive patches in a hurry, take a closer look at the Sarlo. It’s not cheap but the reward is one of the brush mowers money can buy.


  • 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine delivers outstanding torque and overall performance
  • Extra-wide 24-inch cutting path helps you cut more in less time
  • Self-propelled so minimum effort to maneuver
  • Rugged steel deck is built to last
  • Deals with even resistant weeds, long grass and shrubbery
  • Commercial grade appliance will not let you down


  • Expensive but represents value for money


We hope these reviews helped you to make the right choice and get the very brush mower for your particular needs.

Always feel free to share any article on your social media.

Drop us a line if you have any questions on any aspect of gardening. We’re here to provide you with as much information as we possibly can.

Now happy mowing!

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