Best Brush Cutter Reviews and Buying Guide Tips

Garden maintenance takes on many different forms. You will eventually need the best brush cutter on the market to do it. 

From clearing up fallen leaves with a lawn sweeper through to pruning your plants, there’s always something that needs your attention.

How about if you need to tackle some really rampant undergrowth and foliage? What if your weeds have grown far beyond the scope of a weed puller?

What you need in these situations is the best brush cutter. Sometimes, you need a powerful tool for a job. When it comes to detailing an unruly patch of weeds and scrub, a brush cutter really is indispensable.

Using Brush Cutter

We’ll give you the honest reviews so you can check out a range of products and get what’s right for your needs.

Before that, we’ll show you what to look out for when investing in one of these awesome clearing tools.


String Trimmer or Brush Cutter?

What’s the difference between these types of cutter?

String Trimmer

The string trimmer – also called a weedeater – is a fantastic edging tool. You can take care of all the fine detailing that your lawn mower can’t cope with cutting with a rapidly rotating nylon line.

Powered by electric, battery or gas, string trimmers are ideal for cutting grass and weeds. Light duty stuff.

You can use your string trimmer with one hand.

Brush Cutter

It’s easiest to think of the brush cutter as the bigger and bulkier version of the string trimmer.

Brush cutters come equipped with a metal blade and are best wielded in two hands.

If you need to scythe down nettles, underbrush, saplings or bushes, a brush cutter is exactly what you need.

Should You Buy, Rent or Call in The Professionals?

When you need to clear heavy foliage, you’ve got 3 realistic options:

  • Call in a contractor
  • Rent a brush cutter
  • Buy a brush cutter

Analyze the situation…

Is this a one-off like a neglected garden that needs restoring to order? If so, you might be best advised to give a professional contractor a call and get it taken care of.

For occasional maintenance or if you are operating on a budget, renting could be the most practical approach.

If you know that that you’ll need to undertake this sort of heavy cutting on a regular basis, it pays to buy the brush cutter you can afford. It will be a worthwhile investment.

What To Look For In The Best Brush Cutter:

​Best Brush Cutter: Power

You need your brush cutter to be strong enough for the jobs you intend to carry out with it.

Electric or battery-powered brush cutters simply lack the power of the gas-powered.

If you can put up with a louder, noisier cutter, going gas yields maximum bang for your buck.

There are 2 types of gasoline engine…Best Brush Cuter:

Best Brush Cutter: 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke?

The 2-stroke or 2-cycle gas engine is the most powerful. You’ll need a mixture of gasoline and oil. 2-stroke are highly reliable engines. They fall down on fuel economy and emissions.

4-stroke engines are usually more expensive. You run them on gas only. They are quieter and kick out less emissions than 2-stroke engines.

Best Brush Cutter: Changing Cutter Heads

Quick-change cutter heads are becoming increasingly popular but are not the best option.

You’re much better off to look for a model that requires you to change the cutting element using your tools.

Best Brush Cutter: Shaft

A solid steel shaft is central to the brush cutter.

Shafts come in 2 styles:

  • Straight Shaft
  • Curved Shaft

Straight shaft brush cutters are the default choice.

For intricate detail work, curved shafts can let you get closer and be quite effective. The trade-off is a slight loss in power and the likelihood of more mechanical problems with a curved shafted cutter.

Best Brush Cutter: Ease of Use and Handling

Brush cutters come in 2 distinct designs:

  • 1-handed loop
  • 2-handed style

The 1-handed design is great in principle. Most projects where you would want a brush cutter, though, will be demanding enough that it’s wise to have both hands on the job.

If you can hack away with the motion at your disposal with 2 hands, you’ll make light work of clearing even large areas.

Best Brush Cutter: Brush Cutter Blades

You will typically get some standard blades supplied with your brush cutter.

You can also buy additional blades with ease.

The larger the width and the diameter of the blade, the greater the cutting power. If you have a bigger blade, though, make sure you have an adequately powered motor. If the blade does not turn quickly enough, not only will you struggle to cut through thick brush but you will also get more kickback.

Carbide steel is the best option when it comes to brush cutter blades.

How about the teeth? Check out which work best for what kind of tasks…

  • Areas with sparse vegetation: No teeth blade
  • Medium cutting – thick grass, trees, brambles: 30-40 teeth blades
  • Heavy cutting – tall and thick vegetation: 80-120 teeth blades

Best Brush Cutter: Vibration

Any of the brush cutters will be fully engineered to minimize vibration.

When the cutter is idling away and not laboring, vibration is not really an issue.

Once you fire it up and get amongst some scrub and trees, that’s when you’ll feel the vibration kick in.

Some models are designed to operate best at full speed. In some instances, you might feel more vibration rather than less if you’re going slowly. Check up on the particular model you have in mind for this.


Now that you have a good working knowledge of what to look for in the brush cutter, it’s time forthe detail reviews so you can buy in complete confidence.

5 Best Brush Cutter Reviews:

Product Name for ​Best Brush Cutter

Images for Best Brush Cutter

Best Brush Cutter Engine (2 or 4 stroke)

Best Brush Cutter EngineSize (cc)

Best Brush Cutter Price 

Our Best Brush Cutter Ratings

Blue Max 52623; best brush cutter




Editor Choice

Husqvarna 223R; best brush cutter





Troy-Bilt TB42; best brush cutter





RichTool BC52; best brush cutter





Poulan Pro ;





If you are torn between a string trimmer and a brush cutter, Blue Max offers you the best of both worlds with this dual functionality 2-stroke beast.

The 43cc motor develops 1.6HP and gives you all the power you need to carve down brush, undergrowth, stubborn weeds or anything else that gets in your way.

Since it’s a 2-cycle engine, you’ll need to mix some oil in with your gasoline. Do not use ethanol. This will corrode the fuel lines and damage the carburetor.

You’ll be able to use both hands with this brush cutter so you can work safely and accurately. The straight shaft is perfect for your posture and helps you to cut effectively.

Starting 2-stroke brush cutters can be problematic. With the Blue Max, it’s a breeze. You can run this machine all day long with no snags. It uses surprisingly little fuel for such a potent engine.

If you need to deal with really heavy-duty projects, make sure you sharpen your blade. You can also buy a superior blade. Later this week we will examine these blades for you so you can make the best choice.

One thing to watch out for is the vibration. Think about how long you will use it for and determine whether this will inconvenience you.

For a formidable workhorse that will cope with even heavy cutting, this Blue Max 2-in-1 will not disappoint.


  • Highly versatile 2-in-1 string trimmer and brush cutter
  • ​Powerful 43cc motor to tear through even stubborn brush
  • Easy to assemble straight out the box
  • Straight shaft offers solidity and performance
  • 2-handed operation for safety and efficiency
  • Large capacity fuel tank and great economy so work all day without needing to stop and refill


  • Tends to vibrate quite heavily which is expected for such a powerful piece of kit

Sometimes termed a commercial weedeater, the Husqvarna 223R is a CARB-compliant monster when it comes to cutting away brush and heavy scrub.

Although not in the same power league as the Blue Max, the 24.5cc engine is surprisingly able. A 2-stroke unit, you’ll need to add some oil to your gas before you get started.

You won’t be menaced by noise or vibration with the 223R. The patented LowVib system keeps thing smooth and quiet.

A 2-handled model equipped with a top-notch double harness, work without straining yourself and feel secure while you focus on your cutting.

You can deal with large areas thanks to a generous cutting path. The Husqvarna does not enjoy dealing with really hardcore projects so think about your intended use before launching into purchase mode.

For a rugged and capable brush cutter from a brand you can trust, the Husqvarna 223R is well worth your further investigation.


  • 24.5cc engine reliable, powerful and quiet
  • Double handled model with double harness for your safety
  • Minimal annoying vibration thanks to LowVib system
  • Air purge means no more difficult starts: get cutting with ease
  • Wide cutting path means this brush cutter clear big spaces rapidly


  • Not ideal for large commercial projects involving serious cutting

Next up in our reviews is a reasonably-priced 2-stroke from Troy-Bilt.

Some 2-strokes are awkward to start but the JumpStart functionality and full-crank engine means you can kiss goodbye to tiresome pull-starts.

The 27cc engine is competent enough to deal with most regular cutting needs.

The straight shaft is extremely durable. You can maximize your reach with this design. Things could be improved if this was a 2-handed model so make sure you are happy working single-handed if you opt for the TB42.

With a superb engine, gearbox that’s built to endure and a steel-tip blade, you can’t expect much more brush cutter than this for the money.


  • Great value for money
  • Powerful 27cc 2-stroke engine cuts through most brush fuss-free
  • JumpStart technology to eliminate pulling cord
  • Handle can be adjusted for use with either hand
  • You can easily fix on 10 TrimmerPlus attachments so truly versatile cutter
  • Very little vibration so work in comfort


  • 1-handed operation not ideal

As we near the end of our reviews, here’s another very powerful option, this time the BC52 manufactured by RichTool.

Power is the main selling point of this superb cutter. The 52cc engine will run all day long without letting you down.

The fuel tank is roomy so you can work for extended periods without needing to worry about topping up.

The metal blade is ideal for seeing off weeds, brush and most regular cutting duties are a cinch.

With 2 handles, you keep complete control and you’ll find it easier to cut than using a 1-handed model.

For a very competent brush cutter that will manage even large and difficult projects, the BC52 merits a closer look if you find it meets your personal requirements.


  • Superb raw cutting power from 52cc engine
  • Extremely reliable so work confidently
  • 2-handed model means better safety and accuracy
  • Metal blade eats through stubborn brush and weeds
  • Deals with even heavy cutting duties without straining


  • Trigger handle and lock made from cheap plastic

We’ll finish up these reviews with the PP325, a highly flexible 6-in-1 brush cutter.

If you are looking for an appliance that offers real value for money, the multiple attachments are tailor-made. As well as the brush cutter, you can also pop on a trimmer, edger, cultivator, blower or pole pruner.

The 25cc engine is very willing and needs gas only for best results. It’s straightforward to start and will keep going all day long.

You get a shoulder strap but bike bar handles would have improved the experience. A harness would have been ideal as well but, for the price, you can’t complain too much. Especially in light of the additional attachments.

You’ll need tools to swap out the cutter blade so there’s no quick change here.

If you are looking for a very durable and multi-purpose tool for your gardening and cutting demands, the Poulan Pro takes some beating!


  • Superb 6-in-1 functionality
  • Easy to start unlike some 2-stroke engines
  • Very quiet when in use
  • Engine requires gas only so simple to operate
  • Lightweight at 12 pounds for such a powerful cutter


  • Bike bars would be better for control
  • No harness

Best Health Benefits of Gardening

1. Gardening Is Great Exercise

Gardening is a great source of exercise. People will frequently get so caught up in the gardening work that they don't even realize how much their body is moving and the sweat dripping from their foreheads. Everything from pulling weeds, reaching for various plants and tools, and moving all around as you are planting will work out new and old muscles in your body and help with strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Another perk is that gardening is outside, and unless it is winter, you will probably sweat more from the sun beating how (and hopefully a gentle breeze passes through as well), which is incredible for your body to release! Isn't it wonderful to pick up an exercise that you enjoy so much you don't even consider it a workout?

2. Gardening Gives Exposure to Vitamin D

Growing up in South Florida, I never heard talk about low Vitamin D levels or needing to take supplements. Having all you'd need just from where you lived was a given, especially because so many people did spend much time outside either at the beach, parks, or walking around the streets of downtown. There was not much talk about the effects of low levels of this vital and necessary vitamin could do to a person.

In South Florida, being outside daily was a way of life. Most owned pools, bikes, bathing suits, and fishing and boating gear. In cold climates, it seems the goal is to remain indoors and run from the door, to the car, to the door in the winter. It wasn't until I moved to cold climates that this became a conversation with my doctor, amongst friends and coworkers, and something I felt as well.

Vitamin D increases your calcium levels, which benefits your bones and immune system. Studies tell us that exposure to sunlight helps people of all ages get the right amount of this vitamin. Outdoor work and play like gardening is the perfect way to get your sustainable levels of sunshine while also pursuing a fun hobby. I had to pick this up when I moved to where it was cold because I needed an outdoor activity (that was close to the front door).

Lack of vitamin D, especially the raw kind straight from the sun, can have terrible effects on a person. Things like chronic fatigue, depression, low immunity, various aches and pain, and even hair loss can be the result of lacking the big D. Get outside in the sun with gardening, and get your fill!

3. Gardening Is a Mood Booster

Gardening is a killer stress fighter, and studies have shown that it is better medicine than many other hobbies. You stress hormone does down after just a half hour of gardening. Being in nature is a stress reliever, and so is doing something relaxing yet fulfilling at the same time. If you are anything like me, you need a frequent break from stressful activities to refocus and recenter. In my case, I work from home.

This means being able to plan my own schedule, but it also means being self-motivated. Self-motivation is not easy, and I can frequently become overburdened and either work myself too hard or work myself too little because of low motivation. Both extremes can be cured by taking a gardening break midday!

Half hour for lunch and half hour for being out in the garden. Maybe this looks like getting up before the kids do to spend some time in your garden. Perhaps it means tending to it first thing when you get home from work. No matter what, using your garden as a way to relieve stress can be a huge blessing and act of self-care.

4. Gardening Is Great for Kids

Gardening can be a hobby you partake in alone, but it can also be a great chance to get your kiddos outside as well as the rest of the family! The happiness and stress relief that gardening presents is a glorious thing to share with loved ones. Another added benefit is that gardening has so many unique benefits for kids. Not only is being outside a memory that they will remember for years to come, a memory they will take into life with them.

But exposure to dirt, especially in young kids, has been linked to unmatched health benefits. We live in a nation that is very clean, and where parents are taught to hide their kids from dirt. But in reality, so many studies are being conducted to show exposure to dirt when they are kids can help them for the rest of their lives in helping to lessen allergies and build up the immune system.

5. Gardening Is Good for Your Overall Health

Gardening is an excellent activity for those who are looking to keep their hands, brains, immune system, vitamin D, and emotions all healthy. As we get older, the reason we come up against health issues is usually that we have not used our bodies enough. As the saying goes, if you don't use it, you lose it. This is the truth! Gardening gets all these various components moving and healthy.

Gardening is great for keeping the hands strong. There is nothing better than digging in the dirt for strength, and this also puts a battle up against any issues with hands as you age, such as arthritis.

As for brain health, when we use your minds, that is how we keep this strong. It is good to always be learning new skills and growing. Whether that be a card game, a crossword puzzle, reading a new book or taking a class, learning is the thing that keeps us sharp. This does not just end when we get out of school!  

Our immune system is aided by the healthy dirt, which is great for the immune system, believe it or not! Just as the flowers, fruits, and veggies are helped by the dirt, so are we. It is a type of vitamin to us (unlike our culture tells us).

Another way our immune and overall health systems are aided is by the beloved vitamin D, as we talk about previously. Get that sunlight if you wish to be healthy!

As far as emotional health, spending time outside in the beauty of nature is calming, relaxing, gives a sense of purpose and joy, and can help you cope and move forward from hardships in daily life.

Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Brush Cutter:

Now that you’ve worked through these best brush cutter reviews, you should hopefully be in the position to kiss goodbye to unsightly weeds for good.

Feel free to share any of our articles on your social media.

Contact us at any time if you have any questions or feedback. We’re always delighted to help. If there are any products you would like covered or any topics that are of particular interest, let us know and we will do our very best to oblige.

Now go and cut down those ugly weeds and nettles with your best brush cutter!

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