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Maintenance in the garden can seem like a thankless task. There’s always so much to do.

If you have lots of heavy cutting to do, there’s no substitute for investing in a chain saw. For cutting down hardwood, you will also need a specialized hardwood chain for best results.

How about smaller pruning and chopping, though?

Using Bow Saw

That’s where the best bow saw comes into its own. We will look today at 5 bow saw reviews but first we’ll show you what to look out for when buying one of these handy garden tools.

What Is A Bow Saw?

To keep your trees and shrubs in good shape, a bow saw is a portable and convenient alternative to breaking out the power tools.

A bow saw is a manual alternative that will still give you great cutting power without needing to pick up a new chainsaw chain and start wielding a heavy gas-powered tool.

Bow saws are also pretty versatile. As well as general pruning, you can cut logs by hand rather than needing a log splitter. You can also use a bow saw to chop up any wood you need for a project at home.

What To Look For When Buying a Bow Saw

Bow saws are pretty basic products but there are a few things to consider before going ahead and buying one.


Bow saws come in a range of sizes.

If you just need it to reach into awkward spots when you are pruning in the garden, look for a smaller model. These are usually 15-17 inches long and more like a triangle.

For lopping down trees or chopping logs, opt for a larger saw. These go up to perhaps 30 inches in length.

As with any purchase, one of the most critical factors is thinking about your requirements first. Ask yourself what kind of projects you plan to undertake. This will help you get the right length bow saw for the job.


An extremely sharp blade is key if you want to make quick and accurate cuts.

With some saws, you’ll get some extra blades thrown in. It’s no problem if you don’t get these. They are very cheap to pick up.

It’s always a sound idea to keep some spare blades laid in. There is little worse than starting a job then needing to stop if the blade snaps.


As mentioned, the teeth on blades are sharp. Very sharp.

It’s a smart idea to look for a bow saw that comes with a good sheath. This should fit neatly over the whole blade so nothing is exposed and likely to cut you.


Most top-notch bow saws allow you to adjust the tension. By manipulating the tension, you can work most efficiently.

Age and temperature along with the humidity can affect the tension of the blade. Too tight or too loose and you’ll struggle to cut what you want effectively.

Usually, tension adjustment is carried out with a simple thumb screw. Some saws feature automatic tension adjustment. This is a nice touch but not strictly necessary. Don’t worry if the saw you have your eye on needs manual adjustment. It’s really very simple.

Guard and Handle

Ergonomics are paramount with garden tools. The last thing you want is any kind of device or appliance that’s uncomfy to use.

Check for a nice comfortable handle that gives you sufficient grip.

The bow saws also come with a hand guard. If you slip, this will protect your fingers from contacting the lethal blade.

Think About The Color

Misplacing your tools when you are working outside is tiresome. It’s so easy to put something down and lose track of it.

One simple solution is to look for brightly colored tools so that you can avoid this tedious time wasting.


Now you have the basics of bow saws down, it’s time for top 5 bow saw detail reviews.

5 Bow Saw Reviews

Product Name


Blade Length(inches)

Hand Guard?


Our Rating


Bahco  Ergo




Editor Choice


Fiskars  7029





Bahco #9All-Purpose

Bahco #9 All-Purpose






Truper 30255






Sven Saw


No – no need with design



Bahco have a well-deserved reputation for crafting top quality tools without charging the earth. The company has been around for well over a hundred years and they are still going strong.

The 10-30-23 consistently crops up on every list of the best bows with good reason.

Designed expressly for cutting green wood, it performs equally well with dry wood and lumber.

The 30-inch version is perfect for residential or commercial projects. The steel tube is designed to last the distance while remaining light enough to handle with ease. It weighs less than 2 pounds.

With a blade made from hardened steel, you’ll get exceptional teeth for cutting while avoiding the need to sharpen the blade.

Painted in orange enamel, you’ll have no problems spotting your saw and it will be nicely protected from any form of corrosion.

The sheath covers the entire blade and fits very nicely.

Adjusting the tension is a breeze.

If you want a market-leading saw that will cope with a wide range of cuts, think seriously about the Bahco Ergo. There’s nothing that this saw does not do well.


  • Extremely sharp blade makes your life easy
  • Highly versatile with options for cutting different types of wood
  • Great, well-fitting sheath
  • Superb brand heritage you can rely on
  • Comfy handle with superb guard so work without risk of injury
  • Highly effective blade tension system
  • Lightweight but incredibly durable


  • More expensive than the competition (but still cheap)

Next up is a superb budget bow saw from Fiskars.

At 21 inches, this one is much more compact than the Bahco and is perfect for clearing out any overgrown brush or hacking back thick, intrusive branches.

The blade comes in carbon steel. However much you cut, it still remains sharp and it’s not too likely to rust.

Made from a very lightweight steel, the frame is strong and solid into the bargain.

On the downside, some users question the build quality. This is only natural for a budget saw.

Also, there’s no hand guard so you need to work extremely carefully to avoid a nasty accident.

You’ll get a lifetime warranty with this bow saw. Although there are some reported issues, considering the price and the coverage, it makes a strong choice if you are looking for the bow saw for light, residential cutting duties.


  • 21 inches for combination of performance and portability
  • Very affordable without compromising quality
  • Replacement blades cheap and easily available
  • Steel frame is strong but also light: best of both worlds
  • Carbon steel blade for superb cutting power
  • Tension lever gives wonderful control


  • No knuckle guard
  • Some components are not particularly solid

A much larger bow saw, again from Bahco, the #9 All-Purpose is a 36-inch whopper capable of hardcore logging and construction work. This superb saw is equally well cut out for commercial jobs as lighter work in the garden at home.

If you want to cut larger pieces of lumber then this 36-inch beast is tailor-made for your requirements.

The comfort of the handle means you can saw away without blistering your fingers.

The steel blade is hardened and never needs sharpening. This is a great time-saver in the long run and very convenient.

With an outstanding tension system, the blade will always be configured for best effect. You can swap it out quickly and easily. If you snap the blade, just grab a replacement and use the quick release to slot it in.

Although you’ll get a hand guard, some users report that it’s not adequately mounted to the frame. Pay attention to this.

If you are looking for a monster bow saw that’s good for cutting most types of wood without needing to bust out the chainsaw, pop this Bahco #9 on your list. It will deliver in fine style.


  • 36-inch blade ideal for larger cutting projects
  • Ergonomic handle lets you work in comfort
  • Steel frame is highly durable
  • No need to sharpen hardened steel blade
  • Tension lever lets you change blades quickly


  • Slightly bulky for some users
  • Hand guard can be volatile

Another small-ish bow saw is up next, the 30255 from the highly reputable Truper.

This 30255 model has a 21-inch blade but you can also go for a 24-inch or 30-inch if you have more substantial cutting in mind.

Maintaining proper blade tension is instrumental to precise, efficient cutting. The Truper features a cam-lever system for superior results. Blade change is quick release for your convenience.

The bright orange paint means if you misplace your saw, finding it will be a breeze. It’s also treated to stave off rust and corrosion.

You’ll get a sheath thrown in but it’s hardly worthwhile. It’s little more than a cardboard covering so you might want to take alternative measures to keep it safe when not in use.

This is a solid choice if you want an inexpensive bow saw for lighter cutting duties.


  • Great design and easy to spot in high-vis orange
  • 21-inch blade will make light work of even large branches
  • Handle is extremely comfy
  • Knuckle guard nicely sized and solid
  • First-rate cam-lever tension system for accurate cutting


  • Poor quality sheath
  • Questionable blade strength

Rounding out our look at the best bow sow reviews, an uber-lightweight folding saw from Sven.

Not everyone wants a hulking 36-incher and many people want something small and highly portable for when they are camping or walking trails.

Weighing less than 1 pound and folding neatly up, you get superb portability alongside surprising cutting power.

The 21-inch blade will chop happily through shrubs, plants and wood. While it works well as a handy traveling companion, don’t be fooled by its stature. You can happily cut away on small to medium-sized home projects with the solid steel blade.

You won’t need a sheath at all. The nature of the folding design keeps the blade tucked completely out of sight.


If you want the cutting power of a more regular bow saw without the prohibitive size, the Sven is a great alternative.


  • Weighs less than 1 pound so carry it anywhere
  • Folds up so pop it in your backpack with ease
  • No sheath required due to folding design hiding blade from harm’s way
  • Strong 21-inch steel blade for varied cutting duties
  • Cuts well enough to use as a primary saw at home as well


  • Not suitable for really heavy-duty projects
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