5×5 Grow Tent Reviews and Benefits of Having Houseplants

When it comes to growing marijuana at home, using the best grow tent is perhaps the simplest and most efficient method for a consistent and decent harvest. Having a 5x5 grow tent is a great choice. 

With everything contained inside a sealed environment, no untoward smells seep out.

At a glance, a grow tent looks somewhat like a canvas closet or some kind of clothes drying device. Grow tents are stealthy.

Getting the best grow tent for the job need not be a stressful experience.

Today, we’ll look at some 5x5 grow tent reviews having stepped up in size throughout this grow tent series from some great 2x2 tents up through much larger tents like today’s 5x5 monsters.

Using a 5x5 grow tent and some great LED lights, you can grow over 100 plants if you fully maximize a Sea of Green crop.

Think carefully about how many plants you really want to crop, what sort of space you have to accommodate the growing equipment and then choose accordingly.

Any of the tents we have reviewed in this series would make a great choice.


Let’s look now at 3 great 5x5 grow tent reviews.

5x5 Grow Tent Reviews

VIVOSUN have a reputation for producing rock-solid grow tents at a highly attractive price point.

600D fabric is dense enough to create a superb growing environment keeping light from leaking and disturbing your grow.

As with the majority of tents today, Mylar is used for its first-rate reflective properties. The use of this material helps to optimize your yield.

Although this tent is bulky, assembly is a breeze. You won’t need any tools (although it would be a smart move to grab the help of a friend).

The constant use endured by grow tent zippers means that light can leak at these weak spots even with the best grow tents. VIVOSUN have paid attention to detail here and made sure the zippers are built to go the distance.

With solid steel tubing and a dense, heavy fabric, this tent will give you a great growing environment for 100 plants or so without costing you the earth. Give this 5x5 grow tent a shot. You won’t be disappointed.


  • 600D fabric double-stitched and tear proof
  • Superb value for money
  • Straightforward assembly with no tools needed
  • Mylar for optimum reflectivity
  • Reinforced zippers to combat usual weak point for light leakage
  • Steel tubes with large diameter offer great support so grow with confidence
  • Keep an eye on your plants through the observation window
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Check that corners are fully secured against light leakage

Alongside Gorilla, Secret Jardin and VIVOSUN, Apollo Horticulture consistently end up on most lists of the best grow tents.

With an extremely durable tent at a very keen price, this 5x5 will give you outstanding value for money.

You should be able to grow in the region of 100 plants so you can expect a great return on your investment.

From the solid frame through the heavy-duty canvas, this tent is rugged and hard-wearing. You’ll be able to house all your equipment and a healthy bundle of plants without feeling cramped.

Zippers are secure and the seams double-stitched so you can concentrate on your plants without worrying about leaking light undoing all your good work.

If you have any issues with unwanted smells in your grow room, consider picking up some Ona Gel. This works wonder for neutralizing smells and doesn’t cost much at all.

Dollar for dollar, buying this great 5x5 grow tent from Apollo Horticulture is one of the wisest choices you could make.


  • Harvest up to 100 plants with this 5x5 tent
  • Fabric is dense enough to stop light penetrating
  • Mylar lining for superb reflectivity
  • Inexpensive for such quality
  • Fabric and design helps prevent pests intruding
  • Zippers will not let you down
  • 90-day warranty with great customer care
  • Very discreet packaging


  • Be gentle when tying corner straps: they can tear if you use too much force

No collection of the best 5x5 grow tent reviews would be complete without an offering from the industry giant Gorilla.

With this stealthy black 5x5, you can grow around 100 plants in the comfort of your home. The infrared blocking that inserts into the roof is a superb touch of security.

Many grow tents produce fabric which is 600D (denier) in terms of density. Gorilla go the extra mile and the 1680D canvas really is built to stand the test of time.

When it comes to 5x5 grow tents, you’ll easily have the space to walk in and tend to your plants. It makes sense, though, to keep the number of times you enter and exit the tent to a bare minimum. A pair of excellent viewing windows mean you can keep your beady eye on things from outside fuss-free.

As with all tents from the main Gorilla line, you’ll get a height extension kit thrown in free of charge. This alone makes an already flexible purchase even more versatile still.

The quality of Gorilla tents extends all the way down to attention to detail like the tool pouch hanging handily for accessories like your thermometer. This 5x5 grow tent is consistently well reviewed and, if your budget will stretch to it, you can buy in absolute confidence.


  • 1680D canvas far more dense than many competitors so grow with total security
  • Tent is large enough to walk in but comes with a pair of handy viewing windows to minimize disturbance to your plants
  • Infrared blocking for roof: grow in safety
  • Mylar reflects perfectly so you can max out your grow
  • Zippers will not let you down
  • Free height extension poles
  • Nifty pouch on tent to store accessories close to hand


  • Need a friend to help you erect the tent
  • As always, be aware that Gorilla do not use the stealthiest packaging Wrap-Up

The Many Wonderful Benefits of Adopting Houseplants

Houseplants Absorb Noise

Plants have been used to reduce noise. Background noise is a killer when it comes to focus. Things like cars, trains, buses factories, and the city have long been thought to be the only noises indoor plants can help mute. But new research is showing that it can help with more than that. House plants can help to overcome background noise inside buildings, too.

If you live in a home with lots of kids and pets, you know noise. If you work in an office with large machinery, you are no stranger to noise. But houseplants can be a wonderful solution to this by absorbing high frequencies. some of it and therefore creating more peaceful environments. Some plants do a better job at this than others, naturally. So be on the lookout for those specific ones if you hope to fill your home with noise deflectors.

Houseplants Improve Air Quality

How are you breathing? Is it difficult or hard to breathe in your home? Air quality depends on where you live, and I have lived in some places that provide the worst of the worst. How about when you are at work? Sick Building Syndrome is a real thing and indoor plants can help fight against this modern life catastrophe that is heightened by bad air quality, lots of noise and bad lighting.

Some of the benefits of interior plants are higher humidity, lowering dust amounts, keeping air cooler, and lowering the carbon dioxide levels. Plants help humans thrive, and we cannot be healthy without them. Why wouldn't bringing them indoors add amazing quality to life?

Houseplants Provide Less Stress and More Wellness

I spoke to a mother friend of mine the other day. She told me it is a known thing in her home amongst her children, husband, and close friends and family that if she is feeling stressed or overwhelmed, so needs to get outside. Going for a simple nature walk does the trick for her instantly. I related to that on all levels. Going outside changes our general outlook on life. If there is any kind of upsetness going on in the home, I usually just need to be outside.

Growing up, my mom would tell me that when I was sick is precisely when I need to be outdoors the most. She would make me go with her on a walk to the beach, or to the park, and I would instantly feel better. The connection humans have with nature is something special, something unlike anything else. When we are feeling hopeless and worn down, it is probably time we get outside, see how small we are compared to this great big world, feel our feet on the ground and realize what a privilege it is to be on this gorgeous planet.

For those who struggle with diseases like anxiety and depression, they are usually in their heads. I know I am. Being in nature grounds me. It teaches me to feel the earth beneath my feet and the clouds above my head. It reminds me that I am so much more than my thoughts, my inner world, and just me. There is a great big world out there and I play a small part in it! As you can imagine, bringing nature into your spaces will create instant calm and peace. It is an everyday practice or grounding, to care for your houseplants or home gardens.

Most of us have a natural pull to nature, and being close to greenery makes us feel calmer in even the most chaotic of surroundings. We experience less stress and increased joy when there is greenery around us. Buildings are quieter and more peaceful as well as more stimulating. Well being is instantly improved.

When plants are added to your co-sharing workspace, your home office, or your normal office, everyone in there is more productive, take fewer sick days, make fewer mistakes, and they are happier when there is greenery around them. Patients improve when connected to nature, students perform better in improved learning environments. It is the secret serum of a meaningful and successful life.

Houseplants Draw You Closer to Nature

Have you ever paused what you were doing to ponder that it is not supposed to be this way? It cannot just be me. We sit all hours of the day, working out lives away in cubicles in stuffy buildings. We sit in our homes when we are not working and stare into the television. As modern day humans, many of us spend so much of our lives indoors, and we don't even have reasons to be outside or consider it a vital part of our days.

We forget that our ancestors were outdoors constantly. They lived off the land (shameless gardening plug). They knew the impact the environment had on their well being. They made their kids play outside in recent generations so much more than we do now. Those who lived and thrived before we were born knew of the beauty and necessity of being outdoors.

So I charge you: what would happen if you made it a necessity, not an extra, to be outside during the day? On your lunch break instead of eating in the break room, what if you ate at the picnic table outside and then walked around the office building parking lots each day for 30 minutes? What if instead of getting in front of the TV as soon as you stepped through the door, you played a podcast on a portable device and walked around your neighborhood instead?

What if instead of staying cooped up indoors with your kids, you took them to the park to play or to a splash pad to get that energy out? What if instead of date nights at fancy restaurants or in movies, you chose an outdoor activity or a friendly match between movers? What if instead of sitting on the couch to catch up with friends, you moved your body outside? These small changes in daily life can really connect with nature and boost your happiness, fulfillment, and overall quality of life. It is not just about bringing plants indoors, but making a connection with nature a priority every day. 

Final Thoughts on 5x5 Grow Tent Reviews

 If you want any more information about the best 5x5 grow tents or you have any other queries related to growing medical marijuana, just get in touch. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able.

We hope you have found these 5x5 grow tent reviews useful and that your buying decision is simplified. Stick to your budget, be realistic about your space limitations and get the right tent for you.

Now it’s time to get growing!

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