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When Are Carrots Ready To Pick?

When it comes to growing fruit and vegetables in your garden, carrots are one of the most popular choices. Carrots are packed with flavor and nutrients but they do suffer from a reputation for being tricky to grow. If you take a few simple things into account, though, growing some sweet organic carrots need not […]

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How To Grow Plants Indoors Easily Without Spending a Fortune

Quick Navigation 1. Starting Out1.1 Space1.2 Light2. Choosing The Grow Lights2.1 Incandescent2.2 Fluorescent2.3 High Intensity Discharge (HID)2.3 LED Grow Lights3. Prepare Other Equipment4. Choosing The Best Plants To Grow Indoors5. Other Factors5.1 Temperature5.2 Humidity5.3 Growing Medium5.4 Nutrients and Fertilizers5.5 Maintenance6. Conclusion Many people want to know how to grow plants indoors effectively and what plants can you grow indoors.After […]

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About Me

  Gardening has always been a central part of my life. Growing up, both of my parents were very keen gardeners. We had a very large yard with a huge range of different plants and vegetables. My mother mainly dealt with the plants and flowers while my father was more interested in the vegetables. I […]

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